Does DC Need a Hug? SPOILERS

I don’t know if this needs SPOILERS but I am discussing recent comics so I will add it.

I was talking to my eldest about recent DC comics in general, and I am really beginning to think that pretty much all of DC needs a hug. I know the last year has been really hard on everybody, but come on! I love my grim dark comics as much as anyone, but they are managing to make even canonically cheerful characters seem like they need a new home on a gargoyle in Gotham!

This would be fine with me if I didn’t have a younger child who loves comics too and can now not even read the books he loves. I know these are not permanent changes but it is hard to bring home pull after pull with only one comic for him.

So I would like to offer all of DC free virtual Mom Hugs if we can get at least one cheerful comic back for the little guys!




Not exactly a hug, but more of a supportive “I got you” pick up… 🥲


I felt the same way when I read the previews for Future State. At first, I wasn’t in a place where I was able to process more dark material (this pandemic sucks!), but then a bit later, I went back and picked up several of the titles. Although they weren’t the hopeful or uplifting material that I prefer, I did enjoy the storytelling. Overall, I was surprisingly impressed with Future State as a whole.

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Like I said grim dark is absolutely fine with me, and I enjoyed every minute of it, but with even

The Big Red Cheese

Not being the usual lighthearted character he usually is during Future State my youngest was left holding a very light pull. Legion of Superheroes, some non DC comics like Neil Gaiman’s Gaiman’s Norse Mythology (not light but we are Wiccan so at least making homework fun), and Scooby Doo.

Perhaps that just made it stand out more for my eldest and I how truly dark it had gotten over all?

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