Does anyone want the cartoon show justice league action to be on this platform?

I watched a couple of episodes and enjoyed it for its lighter tone. Hope it eventually comes here.


Well, if I have the correct show justice league 2001 and justice league unlimited 2004 are here

There is another show called Justice League Action. But the haven’t added it here, probably because it is exclusive to Hulu.

Cartoon network own the rights and only have it exclusively leased to hulu.

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I’d be fine with it here. I kinda like the show.


I watched 1 episode. Realized it wasn’t made for me. I would add it here for the people it is made for and those that like it.

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I bought all the episodes, it was great. I’m a supporter of everything DC being here even though I already seen it.


I’m in the @Coville camp as well. I own it, and really enjoy it. I di hope it ends up here at some point.

Eventually I hope all the DC animated series end up here. We need more non-DCAU series. The DCAU is good but, I think some of the others, like TT or The Batman are aging better than the DCAU stuff. (And I do realize that is a minority opinion.)


It is DC and thus I feel it belongs here. The show wasn’t half bad.

Hi @JohnOnyx115! Thanks for the suggestion and thanks to everyone else who also want to see it on here! I’ve noted it and passed it on to the team for review. :slight_smile:

Yes. Also, I’d like more seasons, please. I’m still upset it was cancelled.

Most definitely! I liked it! I think it deserves a second season on DC Universe!