Does anyone else wnat there to be a Detective's Guild Comic Series?

After reading Detective comics issue #1000 I really want there to be a Detective’s Guild Comic Series. It might be harder for writers, but I would trust Scott Snyder to do it (partly because he introduced it, and also because I really like his detective batman stories). Who would you all want to write it? Would you read a Detective’s Guild Comic?


Yes please, honestly it might be in the works. Wouldn’t surprise me if its a San Diego Comic Con announcement.


A team book featuring Slam Bradley, Detective Chimp, Elongated Man, and The Question? Are you kidding me? In a heartbeat.


It’s my understanding that DC had planned to do a miniseries featuring all of DC’s detective characters shortly after the Crisis on Infinite Earths. That is why they had that detective spotlight in issue 11. But the series supposedly got cancelled before it got off the ground. Don’t know if that’s true but is what I heard on another message board several years ago.

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Bendis has said that his Event Leviathan series will basically feature all of the DCU’s greatest detectives, although it isn’t the same lineup as the Guild in 1001. The first person who came to my mind as a writer for a Detective Guild series was in fact Bendis, and it seems right up his alley. Snyder or Morrison would probably have some fun with the concept, too, and I think Fornes or Weeks would be a great fit on art.

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I want this in my pull box yesterday!

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