Doctor Fate and New God's Material

I need help finding good reading material for these. For Doctor Fate, I have the 4 issues ​mini-serie​s and the helmet of fate TPB. For new gods, I​ got the TPB of New Gods and Mister Miracle, Orion omni, Mister Miracle By Tom King, Death of the new gods, Darkseid​ wars, green lantern/new gods godhead. what else is out there?


Dc cosmic odyssey has fate and new gods. And top shelf mignola art, really good read


And the newer dr. Fate was pretty interesting, worth diggin if you wanna try a different spin


Immortal Dr. Fate reprinted the back-ups from Flash.
They were my first exposure to Dr. Fate.

Roy Thomas also told his origin twice.
First in All-Star Squadron #47 and then three years later in Secret Origins #24.

Reason why there were two is because he was told Earth-2 wasn’t going to change after Crisis back when he did the first origin.
But then when Earth-2 was destroyed, he had to re-do the origin for the new continuity.

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This blog on tumblr has a very good list for dr fate and she even separates them by wielder of the helmet so its really nice.

Im not sure about new gods but it wouldnt surprise me because lornahs has a ton of reading orders on her blog, dc, marvel, or otherwise and is a great resource for getting a complete feel of the character

All of the Kirby stuff is worth reading. I really think Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen is his best work and that should be available in trade soon IIRC. I’d also recommend Final Crisis since it does provide an ending of sorts for the Fourth World saga.

This is a really good primer on the New Gods.

It not only gives their history, but also goes into their connections with Marvel Comics’ Asgardians and which New Gods runs were considered ‘canon’ at various times (trivia: only one run, the original by Kirby, ever managed to ‘stay’ in continuity up until New52. Everything after Kirby’s run seemed to change every few years.).

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