Do you like Grant Morrison's Action Comics run?

Just started the first trade. Interested to know everybody’s opinion on his run on the book, and people’s general opinion on The New 52 Superman as a whole.

P.S. Seeing Shazam tommorow. Been pumped for so long!

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Yes and no. It has a good opening arc and then falls apart. The Multitude was kinda cool but Morrison just went to weird. It’s interesting because All-Star was so popular.

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I do. Truth be told though my favorite run in New 52 Action is issues 19-21 by Andy Diggle and Tony Daniel. It’s short and to the point, fun and drawn beautifully.

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Big Supes fan here. But honestly, I disliked pretty much everything about the New 52 era Superman. I likes the jeans and t-shirt look that was introduced in Morrison’s stretch, but I don’t think the story lived up to the hype.

The first arc was decent but it gets alot better. In the end it felt to me like a more condensed version of his Batman run, distilling the essence of Superman into about a year’s worth of comics and saying more about the character than anyone has since Morrison himself wrote All Star Superman


Absolutely – for me, it’s Top 3 best Action runs ever.

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I’d put it behind the Jurgens Rebirth run and ahead of Roger Stern’s 90s run.