Do lists inform comics rotation decisions?

I know that the Mods have said that they do not anticipate removing comics anytime soon, but when they do reach the 5k cap or whatever the cap becomes, they will begin cycling comics in and out.

I am wondering, when evaluating the popularity of a book, will the Mods be factoring in whether that book is included on subscribers’ lists?

I don’t really use the list function, yet. But if adding things that I want to read to my lists will help to ensure those books stay long enough for me to get to them, then I will probably be more active with that functionality.

What say you, Mods?

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We appreciate the great question, @BatmanOfZur En Arrh - I’m not sure of the answer for now, but we’ll look into it for you :slight_smile:


Thanks @MissInkBlot!

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