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Thanks to DC Universe being on the Apple TV app, I’ve been reading comics through my television. That’s something I never thought I’d say, and yet it’s really cool. It got me thinking about digital comics, though.

I remember being very hesitant about them because I love reading single issues and trades. I gave them a try through Comixology when I saw you can read them through your phone. Because I had a smaller phone it was difficult, but it was interesting. Eventually I saved up to get a tablet and found reading comics on those was amazing because the tablet was similar in size to a comic and the colors popped. I also liked panel-to-panel view because it allows me to see details the artist put in that I never would’ve noticed before.

When DC Universe launched…and specifically when we started getting TONS of comics in their library, I noticed I’ve been reading more digital comics than physical ones. Part of it is seeing the vast array of comics, but also it’s a space issue.

I’ll never give up on physical comics because they’re the standard, but I also won’t turn my nose up at reading something digitally. How about you? Have you read comics digitally before or is this your first experience with them? What do you think? I’m interested to hear your thoughts.

Thanks, everyone!


I’ve been reading comics for the past 8 years or so, exclusively on digital. If I was buying print comics, storage would have been a huge problem, or I would have had to sell stuff regularly. Reading on the 10.5" ipad has been a pleasure. I don’t feel like I’m enjoying the comic any less. Browsing through my library to re-read past issues is a breeze.
I have a handful of collected editions in print, and I’m thinking of dabbling into collecting a few more trades or omnibuses, but I would be very selective in doing so.

I’m a mix of physical and digital, priority titles physical as published, everything else digital. Have Marvel Unlimited and haven’t bought a Marvel in years. Love carrying dozens of comics with me everywhere in my IPAD

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I got into digital well over a year ago after losing interest in my comic store.

I don’t regret it for a second. Nothing sells out, nothing’s hard to find, there are no condition issues, no missed pulls, no pull list mishaps on the store’s behalf, no Diamond shortages, no inconvenient hours, you can buy comics whenever you want, and they take up zero physical space.

I still love comic stores, but I very rarely go to them anymore. When I do, it’s for back issues that aren’t available digitally or to see what’s what with toys and collectibles.


Almost exclusively digital, mainly due to a lack of storage space. The only time I’ll buy a physical copy is if there’s a variant cover I really want, or if I decide to buy the TPB of a series I particularly liked (e.g. Gotham City Sirens). What’s nice about DCU’s digital comic library is that it lets me check out series that usually aren’t on my pull list, so I get the chance to expand my comic horizons.

I only buy digital if ComiXology has a really good sale. I was planning on switching to digital until I realized that it’s cheaper to buy the physical issues because of the discount at the store I go to. Plus I like being able to hold a physical comic. You can feel the pages and everything. It’s nice. So if buying physical is my preferred way and it’s also substantially cheaper, then I can’t see myself switching fully digital anytime soon.

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Wow! These responses are great! Thanks everyone!

I see a lot of you deal with space issues like I do which makes digital comics more appealing. It really does help, I’ll say that. Since we can download comics here to our devices, you can have what would normally be a heavy stack of comics with you on the go without destroying your back.

I will say I miss having space to buy new trades or single issues. If I see a single issue I really want, I have to play mental gymnastics to justify buying it. Where would it go? Could I fit it into my long box without damaging the comic? How often would I re-read it? But sometimes there are issues you just have to have…and they also haven’t been digitized yet.

It’s awesome we have the option of physical and digital comics. If you would’ve told me when I was younger that I could be in my thirties and there would still be plenty of comic shops and there are even more comics available now, I would’ve been overjoyed. If I also could’ve told my younger self that I could read comics as many comcis as I want on a hand held device or on my TV, I also would’ve been ecstatic…a little confused, but ecstatic none the less!