Digital Catalog

When will the entire DC catalog be available? How much will it cost? Will it be a per comic basis? Whole catalog?


No clue. They’ve yet to put it up which is troubling when they promised it’d be up in October. Well, it’s October now. No sign of anything but I’m sure they’re just fine-tuning the comic reader and reworking other stuff.

Per comic. Sorry

If it’s per comic, then one can just go to Comixology – making DCU pointless for those of us who came here for the comics, rather than TV shows.


If this is true, im gone after the trial. Marvel, you can read everything.

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I haven’t seen it confirmed per comic

@faher - If they have collections cheaper than other places like comixology, it could still be useful.

@keough - Marvel has a lot, but not everything.