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Did you know the first 6 DCEU films are beating out the first 6 MCU films. Can someone please explain to me how the DCEU movies are said to be failing? According to this they’re winning.


I mean, it’s been 10 years and blockbuster movies just generally make more money than they did then. And international markets are more open than they were in the late aughts.

Just looking back at recent videos from movie critics’ channels on YouTube brings up tons of videos with titles like "Why the DCEU failed, " “Who killed the DCEU?” “Why the DCEU needs to reboot,” “Can Aquaman possibly save the DCEU?” “Will Shazam/Wonder Woman 84/Birds of Prey save/fix the DCEU?” etc. Those critics/pundits keep getting proven totally wrong again and again when it comes to the DC movies, but they keep at it for whatever reason.


I don’t know if Infinity Wars was one of the top ten Marvel movies, but I found the dialogue to be written by an elementary schooler. I mean no offense if someone loved the film. If necessary, I can try to look up the script and provide quotes as evidence.


It’s unfortunate but it’s happened repeatedly. Critics can’t view DC films cuz they don’t know the comics. Therefore, all the accuracies are lost on them.


@Xnam360, those videos are unintentionally hilarious. “Ermagod the DCEU is blah, blah, blah!” Geez. They can voice their thoughts, sure. They are not the “experts” they think they are though. No one knows everything about DC but they sure act like a shirt from Hot Topic and a YT account are the keys to it.


The DCEU films, with the exception of JL, have all been financial successes.


The films did good money because it was the kind of thing for a long time a lot of people just kept paying to see because they were programmed to. And for a while it was working, but the reception from critics and fans, with the exception of Wonder Woman, was luke warm at best and Justice League showed they were tired of being disappointed when it bombed.

Although yeah, financially the DCEU movies have made Warner and DC a ton of money, it’s part of why despite critical panning they stayed the course so long. But it came crashing down with Justice League. Although Aquaman would seem to show that they have corrected their mistake.

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As mentioned, the DCEU movies are financially successful but JL. In that case expensive reshoots that probably hurt more than helped put a dent in the bottom line

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obv they are gonna make more their characters r more popular plus superhero movies r the biggest movies now days and it’s diminishing the mcu’s success to say that they had much less popular characters, plus the guy who said the thing abt infinity wars elementary script i mean that’s ur opinion so i can’t get mad, but i gotta say justice league is the worst superhero script written in since x men origins

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plus even though i really enjoyed aquaman the script wasn’t great at all i just don’t love the dceu don’t hate it, but dc has made so many great things that the dceu doesn’t even compare to

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