Did anyone realize this about Future State

I just realized this and it’s kinda stupid but interesting as there are exactly 52 books covering this future what-if event.

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Well in case you haven’t noticed, 52 is a very popular number around here, so I’m not at all surprised :sweat_smile:


Yes, yes it is, thats why i brought it up. :grin:

Aside from the obvious connections to the number of weeks in a year and number of cards in a deck…

Other interesting things about 52-

1952 was the first year without the JSA. Only a handful of DC heroes continued into 1952.
Most of DC’s superheroes at the time made their last appearance in All-Star Comics #57, with a few others disappearing before then.

The Adventures of Superman, starring George Reeves, debuted in 1952.

Christopher Reeve, the next Superman, was born September 25, 1952.