Dick Grayson Fan Club (DGFC): February 2021

Welcome to February #TeamNightwing,
Our very first poll has officially closed and the results are in! And this months reading is… drumroll please?


BY A LANDSLIDE BATMAN: BATTLE FOR THE COWL HAS WON IT! WOOHOO! Sorry to those who weren’t in the majority (Including myself) but we will get to them eventually, I promise. Click the picture below to head to the story!


And once you’re finished reading let us know:

  1. Your favorite issue and why
  2. How you feel about Dick being Batman
  3. Feelings on the art
  4. Anything else you’d like to discuss

Have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions please feel free to message @Nightroia or myself (@A1waysAJ).


This is one of the first series I ever read so I’m very excited to go back and look at it again!

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Oh I didn’t know that! How great! I hope you enjoy it just as much!

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Okay, finally finished. Not a bad story. Not my favorite, but still good. I’m sure most people will like it more than me as my main issue is that I’m just not a fan of Dick being Batman. Personally, I find it regressive to his character to drop this whole life he built for himself out the bat’s shadow and away from the Batfam just to put him back into it by putting the cowl on him. I mean, he definitely made it his own but imho it’s just a slap in the face to his entire history. But like I said, still a good story.
My favorite issue is The Death of Batman in Gotham Gazette, probably just my own bias of wishing Bruce dead. [speaks in Rosario Dawson as Persephone in Percy Jackson] “He’s cruel and abusive!” But still I like the idea of killing off Bruce - not like he would ever give up the cape and cowl any other way. I also like seeing the aftermath.
Favorite art was actually this cover from Oracle:
It’s so sleek and colorful and the texture on the jeans >>>>>>

Read the main story for Renegade Robins not that long ago and I really didn’t care for it – Tony Daniel is a decent artist (this is not his best work), but his writing is rather atrocious, and I think he pretty much wrote every character here wrong.

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I was not expecting that response at all. I was waiting for people to in like “OmG hOw CaN yOu NoT lIkE bAtTlE fOr ThE cOwL iT’s OnE oF dC’s BeSt StOrIeS?” Yeah I’m not a big fan of this story. I don’t think it’s terrible like… it was compelling but I personally wouldn’t read it again.