DGFC: The Swimsuit Edition, June 21st - July 21st, 2020

Good day, #TeamNightwing! To update everyone who may or may not have noticed, we have decided to switch to monthly events. We just wanna make sure we’re giving everyone enough time in their daily schedules to participate if they so desire. We may switch back as the DGFC continues to grow and more people begin participating. If you have any questions please feel free to message @Nightroia or myself (@AlwaysAJ).

                     *** BREAKING NEWS ***

Let’s rock N roll, Wingnuts! The country is open, summer is upon us, and it is time to PARTY! To mark this rare occasion of being allowed out in public for fun (and around other people for that matter) @Nightroia and I would like to see how you celebrate your summer freedom cue fireworks
So here’s the game, anything goes. You can show us your geek pride by posting your superhero swimsuits, create fan-art of your favorite heroes on the beach, by the pool, etc. Anything that you do to celebrate the summer season we wanna see it right here, whether it be you or your favorite heroes.

And now back to your regularly scheduled news broadcast.
Life sucks, everybody hates everybody, the world is full of violence. Have a great day and until tomorrow where we’ll be sure to tell you the same thing :joy::rofl::rofl: