Detective Comics (Rebirth) Discussion / How is Everyone?

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Q. 1. What are your thoughts on Detective Comics (Rebirth,) up until the most recent issue, “Detective Comics: #995?” Feel free to pick a volume, a story, or a moment that you found particularly interesting.

A. 1. I’ve read the first 5 volumes of Detective Comics: Rebirth, and it’s hard to explain, but this series feels so special to me. The point in the series that got me the most was when Tim asked, in more or less words, “Who’s Conner?” …

From that moment, I knew this series would be different from the rest.

Q. 2. How’s your day going? Have you picked up any new comics recently?

A. 2. Pretty good! I picked up (2019) Young Justice #1, Heroes in Crisis #1, and Detective Comics Vol. 7-8!(:

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Under Rebirth, Detective Comics has easily and by far been my favorite current Batman ongoing and remains so. It’s been mostly perfect (nothing bad IMO) and should maintain that record now that Tomasi has been on board for a couple of issues and will be for a while to come.

Right now, Detective Comics #1000 is my most anticipated single issue of the year.


I’ve literally got DC #991 in my lap as I’m typing this, I’m trying to catch up before #100.
I’m curious about something. You mentioned Young Justice #1 Is there any explanation as to why Tim Drake has once more donned the Robin persona? Last time I remember seeing him he was Red Robin and him and Stephanie we’re driving off into the sunset back in DC#980ish. I didn’t expect to be seeing Tim again anytime soon especially as Robin again.


I liked Tynion’s Detective with some caveats - namely, that the paramilitary influence seemed out of place in a Bat-title. Hill’s brief arc was pretty good but hurt by a couple of weird mischaracterizations. Robinson’s run was poor IMO - I dropped it partway through.

Tomasi’s run so far is fine. Some fringing at play. Tomasi’s about the least subtle writer on the planet but he generally turns in a professionally-done script. His work is kind of “loud” to me, which can be a good or bad thing depending on your perspective/ mood.

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I was a little indifferent towards the latter two story arcs however I was a big fan of James Tynion’s run. I thought his character work was spot-on. I actually wish it would have been longer. I haven’t had a chance to read the current story but I would definitely get caught up before issue 1000.

Wait, so I hadn’t read the storyline yet in which Batwoman is shunned by Batman… what did she do? I heard something about her killing Clay Face?