Dem feels.

We all have that superhero comic, movie or show that no matter how many quitillions of times we’ve read or seen them, they still give us… dem feels. Just to get things rolling and to prove there’s no judgment here, I’ll start off by saying one of the ones that always gets me is Superman Returns. Also, Superman: Birthright for a comic.

What about you all?


A few favorites that generate The Feels for me:

-all of the major beats from Superman: The Movie
-the “Apokolips…Now!” two parter of STAS
-the scenes of the Themyscirans gathering for battle in the live action Wonder Woman and Justice League movies
-any time I read or hear “It’s Superman!”


I get what you’re saying…I get “dem feels” more for specific scenes or moments, as opposed to whole movies or comics.

  • The Chris Reeve helicopter scene from Superman The Movie.
  • Clark Kent vs. evil Superman in Superman III.
  • The John Williams Superman theme…can play that over & over without getting tired of it.
  • The Trinity emerging from whatever evil dimension they were in, donning armor in Dark Nights Metal.
  • Jack Nicholson “Where does he get those wonderful toys” in 1989 Batman.
  • The opening scene from Bendis & Reis Man of Steel with Superman flying over Metropolis carrying a couple of villains.
  • Superman: For Tomorrow…the “No more!” scene…and many more great moments from Jim Lee and Geoff Johns.
  • “Wonder Woman’s Wrath” theme from the movie.
    I can go on…
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I’m rarely the type of person that gets shocked or emotional while reading or watching something. However, I read Watchmen a couple of months ago for the first time and the death of Hollis Mason actually got to me. I actually stopped reading. I can’t understand why because he wasn’t a major character and not in the book much. I think that the circumstances of his death just shocked me. I watched the movie on Netflix the other night and happy that it was left out.

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Now I wanna go watch Chris Reeve and Michael Keaton back to back :joy:

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A few more of mine:

-the Hans Zimmer Wonder Woman theme (and Tina Guo’s video performance of it)
-WW’s entrance in BvS
-the Trinity standing together in BvS
-WW saying “It’s about love.” in the live action WW movie
-any scene with Superman in the live action JL movie
-Clark running across the street and pulling open his shirt in STM
-the entire airplane and space shuttle sequence in Superman Returns
-Batman dispatching Two-Face’s goons at the beginning of Batman Forever
-Batman crashing the Ritz Gotham party in Batman Forever
-“Get in the car!” and the entirety of the scene that comes after it from Batman
-the finale of Justice League Unlimited
-Dan Turpin’s stand against Darkseid in STAS
-Hal’s line of “Let’s light 'em up!” from Green Lantern ('05-'11) #24
-Superman saying “The colors will fly.” in Superman #1 (Rebirth series)
-Superman standing his ground to Manchester Black in Action Comics #775


Detective 500, when the Phantom Stranger allows Bruce to get to another
Earth, to save the parents of another young Bruce Wayne

When Kara dies, in Crisis of Infinite Earth’s

When the original Superman and Lois Lane were sent elsewhere, to live, in the same Crisis

When Supergirl Matrix/Linda Danvers takes original Kara place, so Kara doesn’t die, and the marvelous adventures she has on that Earth, and with that Superman, who is not a relative

Bruce and Selina married in old age in a recent Batman annual

The death of baby Arthur

Queen Hippolyta has amnesia and believes she is a middle class married mom and Diana forces her to see reality.

Brad Meltzer Final Night One Shot, how each heroes spend their final evening, ending with Wally telling Hal Jordan that Superman thinks they were all going to die and Hal smiling, just back from death, saying something like, I can’t wait, we’re all going to win.

The metal men, each one, going to their doom, to save mankind, in their first appearance.

Donna Troy at Roy Harper’s grave.

Roy Harper becoming a Justice League member, written by Brad Meltzer.

The Actions of Kryto, Jimmy Olson and Lana Lang, to save Superman, in the last old Superman story, before the run of John Byrne.

Helena Wayne saving Power Girl from death, when they are teleported to main Earth, after knowing their Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman had just died. No more deaths, she says.

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@Vroom…yes to the WW entrance and the Trinity moment in BvS! How can I forget those? Might I add:

  • The scene where Wonder Woman slides across the floor and strikes some bad guys with her sword in the WW movie.
  • The Superman/Zod fight at the end of Man of Steel.
  • Superman pummeling Steppenwolf in Justice League.
  • Superman giving Flash the stink eye in super speed from Justice League.

@moro I second the final battle between Superman and Zod in Man of Steel. It is absolutely what a knock down, balls to the wall fight between Superman and a villain on his level should be in live action.