Do you guys prefer the titans deathstroke or arrows deathstroke. I haven’t been able to see the titans deathstroke In action but he looks really menacing and the arrows deathstroke was a beast in combat. But ultimately I think I’d prefer titans because I like when deathstroke is a villain not an anti hero/ reformed

I love both for different reasons. Slade was hands down the best villain Arrow had, and his relationship with Ollie was one of the best on the show. Having him go from a real friend and mentor to arch enemy, and then gradually coming back from the darkness over the course of the series gave him so much depth. My only complaint about the final season of Arrow is that Slade didn’t come back for a full episode like so many other early season characters did.

Deathstroke on Titans is a closer match to how I’ve seen the character portrayed in the comics, and he’s great as the S2 villain. The fact that I could enjoy his performance without constantly comparing him to Slade from Arrow says a lot about how great Esai Morales is in the role.

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