Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons

Who has seen the new Deathstroke series on CW Seed and what you think about it?


I personally love it! I just hope for it to be an ongoing series and wish it was on this platform.

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I enjoyed it, hope they release a longer cut for DVD/BluRay like they have with the rest of the animated films on the Seed.

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I also did a spoiler free review of Deathstroke on my podcast if you would like to listen: Episode 21 by The Chris-Cast • A podcast on Anchor

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It was a bit better than OK, but just a tiny bit.

Slade is an OK character, but not a great character. They’ve kinda set him up as the villainous equivalent of Bat-God

I think if DC is going to keep him that way, he needs to be used more sparingly. Like they do with Darkseid.

That said, a second half that finishes an arc would be nice. Like they did with Constantine.


I’m not crazy about what they did with Joey and Rose. Also, it was weird to see Deathstroke be portrayed as a merc with a conscience and Bronze Tiger as an amoral killer. Traditionally, it’s been more of the reverse.

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Wait what is this I hear of?

I wouldn’t say bronze tiger was an amoral killer in this. He was criticizing slade for being a hypocrite in trying to justify his murdering


I wish they’d release the second part soon.

wait…they aired knights and dragons on the CW like Constantine city of demons? I just picked up the film version so thats what i am going off of.
I liked that they made Slade as a bit more caring then his portrayal in teen titans (cartoon) and titans. he is a bit more like marvels wolverine. i can get why he beat bronze tiger given he is a batman level tactician but really tiger was a bit of a disappointment after his portrayal in Hell to pay. However i liked that Slade’s wife lived threw the film as she was killed off the new earth books.

The one thing i did not like i did not like is Lady Shiva has been a bit of a pushover in every one of her portrayals that i have seen still have not watched Young justice season 2 or three. the exception being Beware the Batman. Heres hoping she will be a compleate badass in Batman soul of the dragon. I mean come on this is a woman who has beat batman she should have been harder to take down. i mean come on this is a woman who took on a depressed Etragan and once he captured her sword and arm just kept kicking him in the face. she should be harder to beat…then agai nEtragan is a massicist so he likely enjoyed the pretty lady kicking him in the face.=)