Death in Comics!☠️

Another Day, another topic , also the end of 2020 is upon us ! So it made me think Death in comics is it overly used or do you think it needs to be used more? I will say that the characters that end up taking the dirt nap are brought back to life some how. I think the death is cheapens the intended feelings we as the reader for the character. We as the reader knows that whoever dies in comics will be brought back in under 2 years. I have an example the death of Superboy was killed mainly because of a lawsuit ( really look it up) once it was resolved the character was brought back asap. During that time it was talked about Nightwing was going to die and that would have been a more impactful death in comics seriously. The lasting impact on the Batfamily would have been felt to this day. It would have definitely given more of a pull on the heart strings because Nightwings death would have been on par of Bruces parents death. It would have given Batman a new fire that would make him almost unstoppable. I know that would have been an instant classic but no we kill off characters for the shock of it. I would like to see some consequences for our beloved characters or at least kill off a support of character that will have a long lasting impact. Also, Alford will be back serving the bat and all will be right with the DC Universe!


I think it’s okay to kill people in comics, and I think it’s okay for them to come back, what I wish was different, is how FAST they come back. If a character is dead, they should stay dead for a while. Otherwise having a character die is pointless and misses the whole importance of a character dying. Jason Todd is the shining example to me. Characters don’t necessarily need to re-emerge as a new person like he did, but they should genuinely be gone for a good while to make their return all the more exciting.


For me I’m not a big fan of death but if there is a death I want DC to stick with it at least until a new continuity starts. For example, one revive that irks be to this day is Spoilers from New Earth. When they brought her back it just felt weird and the way they did it made her appear as someone mean and heartless. Instead of making it through the Gang Wars and being there with Tim giving him one less thing to mourn for she fled to Africa. Then Tim Drake was mourning not only for his Dad but his girl too so she made Tim more depressed and mentally unstable for apparently no reason.


Some of the only deaths I feel like were unnecessary were the ones caused by Wally West in Heroes in Crisis. Just having a lot of people killed off just to set off another crisis felt just overused and just unnecessary. But then Wally did end up becoming basically Dr Manhattan so that’s a plus.

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