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Hi everyone at the JSABC and welcome to our second October session. This time we will be continuing the adventures of All Star Squadron. Now when we last left them the team just defeated the Villian of Valhalla. So let’s see what their next adventure involves.


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What to Read

* All Star Squadron #19-22

Discussion Questions

  1. Brainwave had an interesting plan for taking out both the JSA and the All Star Squadron. What did you think of it?

  2. How about how Green Lantern was able to tale Brainwave out?

  3. Looks like Ultra’s back.with a new plan. What did you think of the fight scenes here?

  4. What did you think of Ultra’s plan to move hos consciousness into Robotman’s body? Sounds pretty dangerous for the world doesn’t it?

And that’s all we have for this session my @JSABookClub friends. Next month’s session will include some adventures Earth 2 and with further adventures of the Justice Society of America. See you there


All right time to give this one to read, thanks for posting!

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Green Lantern has trouble accepting his mistakes based on how he reacted to brainwave’s illusions and how he failed Todd as a father. I think it makes sense since he is looked up to as the greatest hero in the Earth and holds himsels to too high a standard as a result.

He beat his machine by overwhelming it, and that reminded me of the TMNT episode where they beat the technopath with the Justice Force by overwhelming it by spreading their attacks in every direction, despite the tones being completely different.

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Yeah I was reminded of that TMNT episode as well.

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They were lucky to keep Jerry Ordway on this book for so long. Great art, great plots, great continuity with the 40’s, but ye gods, did they need to take a machete to that dialogue that was plastered everywhere

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