Dead fathers who are alive now and evil.

So…a mom named Martha is not the ONLY thing Superman and Batman share. Jor-el and Thomas are back, and boy are they big jerks.

And wow are there a LOT of “Evil Batmans” around these days. The laughing one, the “lots of guns” one, a whole JLA of Evil Batmans, and now red signal Psycho Batman.

Superman’s adopted son, Chris Kent (Born: Lor-Zod), is also Evil now and I wish they’d fix that and have him be the one joining the Legion of Superheroes instead of Chriskenting Jon (Chriskenting meaning ageing up since that happened to Chris a lot).

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Dang! That really sucks. I love love loved Nightwing and Flamebird.

Lookit how precious he is

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