DCU Superman Book Club Week 5: Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen

Vroom what’s cool is that while both are 100% they each have a different personality to the book. Jimmy Olsen Superman’s pal is a wild, far out ride. Heck it had Superman and the News Boy Legion on an “acid-like” trip.

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Bonus time, read the two Don Rickles issues. The stories are bonkers, but what’s really wild is Superman has his 1st encounter with the New Gods buried in the second issue. I challenge Bendis, Johns et al, think you can revive any DC character and make it work. Try it with Goody Rickles.

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@msgtv Definitely agree on Superman’s Pal being the most far-out book of the Fourth World bunch. Especially with the Hairies, who were essentially the science fiction equivalent of hippies.

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So realistic I could smell them,

Stinkin hippies❎


You and Eric Cartman have something in common :wink:

“Have you read Kirby’s take on Jimmy Olsen before?”

I hadn’t up until now – I’ve always been wanting to, because I wanted to get into Kirby’s New Gods run, and now that I have, I’m definitely going to keep going, really fun, dynamic and exciting comics. It really sells Jimmy as a sort of action hero in his own right, someone that Superman can see can hold his own in some ways, but has to protect him in others.

It also does a really cool job of slowly building up to the New Gods stuff. Simyan and Mokkari work really well as the secret antagonists to this story.

“Superman’s Pal is sometimes derided (unfairly IMO) as a weaker episode of STAS. What’s your stance?”

Eh, it’s a pretty decent episode altogether. If I had to pick out weaker episodes of S:TAS, it would take a while to get to this one. The only really bad part of this story I think is Tina, who’s heel turn just comes out of nowhere and isn’t really explained or just work all that well.

“No matter the medium, who’s your favorite Jimmy Olsen and why?”

This Jack Kirby stuff is quickly becoming my favorite. Before this I would have gone with Jimmy in Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman. I also liked the Jimmy in JMS’ Earth One stuff, if only because I loved how JMS describes making him a war journalist because in his experience “they’re all certifiably insane.”

“Bonus Question: Have you read this week’s Jimmy Olsen #1 yet? If so, what’d you think of it?”

I liked it alright – there’s the fun, crazy antics that you expect Jimmy to go on, while also establishing in the background seemingly some interesting stuff involving the foundation of Metropolis, which is something I don’t remember seeing done before (those kind of stories are usually exclusive to Gotham). If I had to choose between this and the other twelve issue maxi of Lois Lane, I would choose Lois in a heartbeat, however.

@Jay_Kay I’d choose the Lois Lane maxi-series over Jimmy’s as well. That said, his new book is fun. It brings a unique voice to the current Superman line.

Thanks for your thoughts on the other questions too :slight_smile:

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Sorry I missed out this week team! I was planning to do this last night, but with Dish Network we have Epix free this "extended"weekend (Thursday through Sunday night AKA Pennyworth episode 1 for free) and my wife decided we needed to watch Iron Man 2.

For the record I have actually read this a couple times and I actually own it as part of my four-volume hardcover Jack Kirby fourth world collection. it’s absolutely the best stuff he’s ever written, and it is shaken the DC comic fictional world to its foundations ever since with Cadmus excetera in the decades that are ruled by since to this day with the New Gods movie coming out!!

I don’t need a word editor in DCU…haha

@Don-El You’re welcome to comment later if you like, as it’s understandable that you were enthralled by TV’s (to quote Homer) “Warm, glowing warming glow.”



Wow, that’s similar to Homer’s other famous phrase, “when rosy fingered dawn appeared.”

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A lot of ways storyline- Wise to read this. Cant remember which way I did it but involved Luthor meeting Death to prepare for her new version, Guardian of course, I tried to look at my notebook & find the way I read it, but didn’t write down which one it was, just a bunch of Supes reads? I just found it “Superman New Krypton”. Great way to read Supes pal as a crossover.

I think you read a different “Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen” than we did. Ours had nothing to do with Luthor, Death or New Krypton.


Yeah I did, I guess I communicated poorly.

I was just informing people that it’s involved in crossovers. It coincides with Superman

New Krypton crossover, it goes right along with Superman’s pal’. Just a different way to

read it is all I meant.

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@djd Regarding Lex and Death, it sounds like you were reading The Black Ring, which is one of the ten best Superman stories of the last ten years. Paul Cornell kicked some serious ass on Action Comics.

New Krypton was pretty sweet too. I enjoyed seeing Mon-El, Guardian, Nightwing and Flamebird take center stage while Kal was away. I particularly enjoyed the Codename: Patriot arc.

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Yes I actually looked at notebook & I read all those right in order. It had Supes pal listed

between Supergirl #34 ( but that issue bounces me off sight, had that happen with 2

other issues b4 that were eventually fixed ) & Superman New Krypton Special. Black

Ring “was” excellent, I agree wholeheartedly. I went to read a secret six arc & realized it

tied-in with Black Ring. One of my favorite reads as of late.

Forgot codename patriot same reaction over here, loved it too. Mon-El

was a good choice to stand in for Supes. Flamebird & Nightwing took a second to adjust

to how Supes went about his protection business, which just enriched the story imho to

follow how they got there, when they did.

I kinda mixed & matched there, I was giving responses in order u posted me, not the

storylines themselves. Just covering cuz some people love to look for mistakes. Nothing

wrong with keeping people honest, just have to write extra info into my posts to make

sure I’m not a victim.

@djd You’re a-o-tay :slight_smile:

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