DCU Injustice 2 Tournament for Playstation 4

This is a premature post, an idea, a possible creation that has yet to be created. I’ll be honest… I paid for the deluxe of Injustice 2 and i rarely play it. I’ve never even played online. I’ve just got other games to play. But a planned organized tournament within the DCU Community could prove to be a lot of fun. I understand the game is also on Xbox. I do not claim responsibility for what happens with that, but I implore any Xbox users with the game with mimic this post for your fellow gamers. Now as for us PS4 user let’s start slow. First off let’s have some pickup matches and get a feel for how many people we have with the game. I truly don’t know how popular the game is outside my own mind. So, if you’re down for this cause list your PS4 user name as well as your preferred day and time to have a quick match. From there I can add everyone into a group playstation message so we can see who’s online and rouse a quarrel whenever. I’d say an actually tourney might not happen for a few weeks. What do you guy think about this idea?


I’m in like Flynn​:smirk:


Sweet add @MattaWorthy on PS4 and I’ll start a group soon!

I’d get in on that, if my schedule allows

@Truth_of_Pisces Heck yeah! The cool thing is that it doesn’t have to be one but planned event. For now we can just have little matches here and there. Maybe we’ll keep a win/loss record until the first tourney, then we can post the season scoreboard every now and then once this post gets buried