DCU Infinite Ultra Renewal

Hi all!

So i upgraded to DCUI Ultra last year and have been very happy with it. Absolutely love catching up on recent titles that I chose not to pick up at the store. But with my upcoming renewal I can see that the price has changed from 99.99 last year to 119 this year. I want to be able to keep my current subscription but I feel at that price point, there needs to be more opportunities for conventions and discounts aside from access to more books and having titles 30 days after release.

Im hoping im wrong and will be continually be charged 99 instead of 119.



Hey @AgentofCheckmate! :wave: Thank you for your interest in renewing your DCUI subscription and your valuable feedback. Please reach out to our customer support team, as they will be able to review your account details and confirm the price of renewal for your specific subscription: https://support.dcuniverse.com/hc/en-us/requests/new. They will help you as soon as possible! :muscle:


Hey, Shayera. Hope you don’t mind me contacting you here, I can’t get in touch with anyone else on the website. I also have a problem with DC Ultra.

I signed up last year and maybe my subscription has ended? I’m not sure. I would like to renew but it says my subscription is paused or something.

Then it tells me I have to go to google play to fix it. The thing is I go there and there is no information regarding this.

I must have signed up through google play years ago before I had the internet. If possible I would like to renew my ultra subscription. and also I would like to take it off google play so I don’t have to do this again in a year.

Is it possible for you to help me with that?

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Hi @maddogemail7.457! :wave: I’m sorry to hear that you’re having issues with your subscription. Unfortunately, the moderator team doesn’t have access to the technical system or account details, so we’re unable to help you with this specific situation.

Please reach out to our fabulous customer support team and they will get back to you as soon as possible with further assistance: https://support.dcuniverse.com/hc/en-us/requests/new .

Thank you for your patience and understanding! Have a wonderful Halloween. :jack_o_lantern:

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