DCU Book Club Week 88: DC Beach Blanket Bad Guys Summer Special (2018) May 18 - May 24

It’s summertime in the DCU and the bad guys are taking over! Beat the heat with 10 all-new stories by top comics talent starring DC’s most spectacular super-villains! In this issue, find out what Mr. Freeze does on the hottest day of the Gotham City summer! Learn what made Grodd such a bad gorilla! Then, while in a small beach town, Deathstroke gets hired for murder by the last person he’d expect! And The Joker and Bizarro team up for a truly weird summer bromance!


Summer is here and us here at DCUBC are celebrating the only way we know how, by reading Comics! This week we are checking out DC Beach Blanket Bad Guys Summer Special, a collection of summer themed stories starring the best baddies in comics! I hope you join us!

Let’s have some fun this week!

How to join the fun:

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  • :memo:Tackle the below discussion questions at your leisure:memo:

  • :speaking_head:Let us know what you thought of the book as a whole!:speaking_head:

And that’s it! Easy right?

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:clark_hv_1:Discussion Questions:clark_hv_5:

  • Is this your first time reading DC Beach Blanket Bad Guys Summer Special

  • What DC Villain is your favorite?

  • Which story was your favorite?

Questions, comments, concerns? Feel Free to shoot me a message!

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I’ve been wanting to read this for a long time! Glad to finally be able to crack it open! :open_book: :smiley:

Ohhhhh this will be fun! I’ve been wanting to read this and now I have not choice but to do it finally!!


No excuses now! :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Friday gang!

  • Is this your first time reading DC Beach Blanket Bad Guys Summer Special

Yep! Pretty fun collection of stories.

  • What DC Villain is your favorite?

Oof, that’s a tough question. Like “which of your children is your favorite” tough. Of the characters in this story, I think I’d go with either Joker or Luthor.

  • Which story was your favorite?

Another toughie. There really wasn’t a bad story in this. Props to the Joker/Bizarro story for parodying BVS without doing the same “Martha” jokes everyone and Deadpool did a thousand times. The story with Luthor and the Supes fan was neat. The Mr Freeze story was great to show the humanity underneath, as was the Giganta story.

Nope! I read this when it came out. I like anthologies like this.

Overall, I’ll be boring and say the Joker. But he’s been WAY overused.

It’s hard to choose, but the Black Manta take sticks out for me. Forgive me for this display of blood lust, but I think he should have killed the lady at the end, though. Seems more Manta-ly to me.

I too appreciated that. Was a breath of fresh air!


No need to apologize for wanting out villains to be more evil :joker_ewhqtas:

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Yes first time reading this issue.

My favorite DC villain is probably Lex Luthor.

I don’t know if I had a favorite but I really enjoyed the Lex, Mr. Freeze, Giganta, Deathstroke, and Penguin story’s the most.

I never knew Freeze would even feel this before this issue.


Yeah not sure about this one :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:

  • First time!

  • That is a tough one. I like them all for different reasons. Lex is fun to watch. Joker is chilling and funny at the same time. Granny Goodness is creepy, yet so good at her job. Black Manta owns every scene he’s in. The Condiment King, is well, the Condiment King :laughing:. I think DC has the best Villains.

  • The Deathstroke one is still with me! That kid was cold-blooded. I couldn’t believe what I was reading - great story!
    Here’s a few of my favorite moments:

Her story of being bullied is sad, but I love the art here:

Beautiful moment:

Lex can’t handle the sight of a Superman tatoo :rofl:

This was a fun read! Thanks for great pick @MattMcDonald