DCU Book Club Week 71: HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE (2012-) Issues 1-6, Jan 20 - Jan 26

“Skeletor strikes with his master plan to rule Eternia! Can Adam and the Masters of the Universe remember what Eternia was like in time to save it?”

BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL!!! :skull: :zap:

Greetings DCU,

Thanks for stopping by for week 71’s visit to Eternia! Skeletor has unleashed a new evil plot (laughs in Skeletor), will our heroes thwart his evil plan?!

This 6-issue miniseries precedes the 19-issue 2013-2014 He-Man series. If you enjoy this miniseries, I highly recommended checking out the 2013-2014 series next.

:open_book: We begin this story in a humble abode in the woods with Adam, the powerless and valor-less woodsman.

:busts_in_silhouette: HOW TO JOIN THE FUN!

• Read the story between Monday, January 20, 2020 and Sunday, January 26, 2020.

• Reply your answers to the discussion questions, share your thoughts about the story, or both!

• Have fun discussing the book with the community. All are welcome to join, just jump right in!

:rotating_light: Our SPOILER discussion begins NOW.

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  1. Is this your first time reading He-Man?

  2. What is your history with He-Man?

  3. What do you like most about He-Man?

  4. Which character’s background story are you most curious about?

As always, we’d love to hear your candid thoughts and reactions to the story.

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Happy Reading!


@JLWWSM have you ever watch the original cartoon from the 80s? I remember the show and the toys very well!:slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Reaganfan78!

Yes! I loved the cartoon. Watched them all the time and ran around screaming “I have the power!” with my sisters. - Then when I found out there was a She-Ra, He-Man was dead to me :laughing: - not really, I still loved He-Man, but I wanted to be She-Ra!


Don’t forget the 1987 live-action movie. It’s a clunker in parts, but incredibly fun in others.

It’s essentially a New Gods movie within the trappings of He-Man, a fact confirmed by Gary Goddard, the movie’s director.

Also, most of the movie’s score by Bill Conti (of Rocky fame) is pretty darn great.


I never saw the live action movie. Now I’m really curious about it.

Masters_of_the_universe Movie 1987

We rented this animated feature so many times - on VHS, from the local family-owned movie rental store. I loved this movie (still do).


What a pleasant coincidence, I just put this series in on my to read list this weekend.

Wonderful @Don-El! I love when that happens. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the series.

The young actor who later play Tom Paris on Star Trek Voyager is in this movie. The actor who played Skallator is the actor who played Perry White in Superman Return. And as for He-Man he’s play by the actor who played Drago from Rocky lV!:slightly_smiling_face:

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I have never read or watched anything of He-Man. In fact, the closest I’ve gotten to it was the episode about the He-Man toy line from The Toys That Made Us series on Netflix.

Oh, and this fine piece of internet culture.


Please ignore the internet on this one :rofl: That video is not at all what He-Man is!

Try the comic, books are always better.

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In addition to He-Man, Dolph Lundgren also played Mera’s father in Aquaman.

The MOTU movie is at its best during the scenes on Eternia. The Earth-based scenes…well, they’re okay. I’m all for suspension of disbelief, but when Skeletor’s forces are invading a small town at night and there is literally nobody on the streets, no cars, etc, it makes you chuckle and roll your eyes a bit.

Of course, it was a Golan-Globus production, and we know their history with Superman IV, among many other “legendary” movies of the period.

Yeah, as an adaptation of The New Gods, it’s actually pretty good. He-Man is Orion, Skeletor is Darkseid, and their intergalactic battle finds its way to Earth.

The only thing it’s missing is some sofa-sitting action, Darkseid’s specialty.


@AlexanderKnox 'Member the vortex (or whatever it was) that Skeletor and his troops are coming through when they come to Earth? That’s totally a Boom Tube in everything but name.

Skeletor in his golden God Mode? Darkseid fueled by the Anti-Life Equation. Evil-Lyn and the mercenaries? Granny Goodness and the Female Furies. Skeletor’s soldiers? Parademons.

The Cosmic Key is the biggest Mother Box ever made, while Gwildor is Oberon, minus his lovable sass.

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I’ve never seen anything related to He-Man so color me excited!


I’m really looking forward to hearing the reactions of you and others who have no background with He-Man. I admit I am biased because I loved the show.

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Just got to #3, and I’m curious if there’s any story about why they changed writers from James Robinson to Kieth Giffen.


I’m ready to make my report…

  1. Yes and no. I have read some few pages on one of the books, but to read a whole book then yes.

  2. I would say when I was little, He-man was on TV. I remember asking Santa for a He-man toy, and he got me one for Christmas morning. :slightly_smiling_face:

  3. I like his green tiger, he look like a cool animal!

  4. Skelator, I think his background is a mystery like Joker, how did he became such a dangerous villain? :slightly_smiling_face:


I just re-watched the movie this morning, so now I have to re-read these books.

hops onto Battle Cat and rides over to the MOTU section of our library

By the Sorceress, we have many of Eternia’s Finest in our library.


I am intrigued. Read the first 2 issues last night. I never saw the show as a kid and have vague memories of the old movie. I couldn’t get into that show on netflix but it did seem like a show for young girls so no biggie.