DCU Book Club-Girl Power! Week 49: Raven (2016-) White Carnival

Hello :grinning: I had not heard of her graphic novel. I just put her graphic novel on my shopping list. Thanks for sharing your recommendation. =)

Gar at the end of the last issue was a big surprise to me. I loved seeing their friendship.

Glad you’re enjoying it so far. The high school angle is fun.

Wait, am I understanding it right that you guys thought she used her powers to manipulate the other kids around her to be friends with her? Because I didn’t get that vibe at all, I just figured that they approached her because she was weird and new and decided they liked her enough to keep hanging out.

Hi @Jay_Kay
Yes, she used her powers to befriend some of the high schoolers. For quick reference, expand the last picture I posted in this thread.

1.)First time!

2.) I’m gonna cut against the grain here and say Raven from Teen Titans Go! I love the way she plays off the other characters. But I also love that she is secretly has a little bit of a bubbly side.

3.) I don’t think I did. If anything I learned how much more powerful her powers were.

4.) By far the highlight for me was in issue 4 where she interacts with her soul self. (I think that’s what it was) I always love me some inner turmoil. The art in that part was INCREDIBLE and really created an awesome atmosphere.

One thing I’ll say about this book is that it felt really manga/Japanese inspired. Maybe the art gave me that vibe the most but seeing raven flying around made me think of some Anime titles I’ve seen. Maybe I’m looking too much into it. Fun read!

Huh, so she did. On one hand, I’m not sure I like that, since that seems pretty messed up. On the other hand, her first story had her using her power to force Wally West into loving her to join the team, so in comparison, that’s not THAT bad, I guess?

Teen Titans Go Raven is my favorite in animation. I love her adoration with the pony tv show.

The art in the soul part was totally rad!

Compared to what you mentioned in her first story, I’m going to count this as progress for Raven :laughing: - this wasn’t as bad. I still love Raven though, she rocks!

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Our discussion of Raven wraps tonight.

A special thank you to everyone for dropping in to share your thoughts and perspectives about the book. =)

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Sorry, been doin a whole lotta driving…

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I want it to turn into a movie is a beautiful book Raven :black_heart::black_heart:


hi! Agreed, I thought it was beautiful too =)

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I’m playing catch up since I didn’t discover the reading club until this week.

I LOVE the art in this series.


I’m happy you found us! The art was lovely! Thanks for joining in =)

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about to read this. I love raven. I was such an angsty kid, her character helped me out a lot. She falls and gets back up. Time and time again in comics and adaptions she gives in but she finds herself again. Thats a degree of resilience not everyone has. thanks Rae


Hello! I’d love to hear your thoughts about the story. Happy Reading!