DC's Weirdly Tone-Deaf "Bromances" Feature

So, um… What’s going on here? DC decided to publish a list of “the DCU’s Best Bromances”, which isn’t a bad idea in and of itself, but… Well, let’s break things down one by one.

Batman and Superman: Definitely in the top three bromances where both people have tried to kill each other multiple times. No notes here.
Green Lantern and Flash: Um… I don’t wanna cross @bookwormfitzpatrick.91230, so I’m just gonna say “insufficient data”.
Booster Gold and Blue Beetle: Okay, I knew you weren’t ready to admit they’re a couple yet, but… Really?
Flash and Nightwing: Eh. I could go either way.
Maps and Olive: Again, no notes.
Billy and Freddy: I think you’re doing a disservice to the concept of bromance by including actual brothers.
Robin and Superboy: You’re… You’re messing with me, right? Are you like, deliberately whipping us into a frenzy? Is this like that guy at the RNC in 2016 who tried to get the crowd to say “America deserves better”, or the Disney Channel song that goes “keep your light on, never hide your pride”*? That’s… It’s gotta be that, right?
Green Lantern and Green Arrow: Uh-huh, uh-huh. Cool, cool. But… Robin and Superboy? Jesus, you forgot Harley and Ivy. And Lois and Clark.

*Plug “light” into Google Translate, set it to Spanish… Boom. Mind. Blown.


I have never tried to kill Clark.


oh you didn’t try to kill him you did kill him in worlds finest number to be added later because I can’t remember which one it was superman goes mad and takes over the bottle city so you had no choice but to kill him for there sake
you then put him out in the sun he came back to life and you both went about your day and most likely drank coffee :rofl: :rofl:
worlds finest 240


but honestly @drewzirocks.3500 I think @MatthewHecht are great friends even death can not stop them from being together
or jail

I love them so much


I disagree that ted and booster are better friends are not
but everyone has the right to there opinion even if I feel its the wrong one


So he is still all alive.







I love the friendship between Dick and Wally, so I’m glad to see them on the list. I think it’s one of the most consistently portrayed friendships both in costume and out and across super family groupings.

Barry and Hal’s friendship is classic, but their modern runs haven’t overlapped very much. I did like when Barry came back and he defended Hal from Ollie’s words and the subsequent doubt. Speaking of, I’m not the biggest fan of the GL/GA hard travelling heroes for that reason. Although, I also haven’t read much of it, so maybe there are more friendship gems hidden within.

Billy and Freddie were nice to see. They weren’t always foster siblings, but even so they have one of the longest running hero friendships in comics.

Batman and Superman are often portrayed as friends and have many team ups together (along with big names), so their inclusion doesn’t really surprise me. Neither did Blue and Gold.

I was a bit surprised not to see more entries from newer characters like Beast Boy and Cyborg (or is that more a cartoon thing?). Although, I absolutely love the Super Sons (kid versions).


I think most of these are genuinely friendships, but then you have Tim and Connor which… I would not be surprised if it became something more in this day and age.

Something I want to bring up is that love doesn’t always equal romance. Love in general is, as I like to believe “Giving someone the ability to hurt you and trusting that they won’t”, and this could be any kind of relationship. I also think that in the world of superheroes, our heroes need to know that they can rely on a few people when they literally face villains that are constantly trying to kill them, whether it’s a love interest or a really close heroic buddy they know would try to save them and vice versa when needed.

Also… Billie and Freddie are brothers and you can’t convince me otherwise.