DC's 5 Most Underrated Comics of the Decade

We’re getting ready to close out the first decade of the millennium, and there’s a lot of comics to look back on. During this decade, DC published 521 weeks worth of comics, resulting in many new classics. With so many comics to chose from, it’s easy for some masterpieces to get overlooked. In this week’s news article, we discuss the 5 most underrated Comics of this past decade.

What would you put on your list of underrated comics of the 2010’s? Let us know in the comments below!


01 Superman.Lois and Clark

02 Green Lanterns

03 Titans Hunt

04 Justice League Odyssey issue 6 on

05 Flinstones


The New 52 I, Vampire series was great and got basically no attention. There were so many books coming out at the time, and vampires were pretty played out back then too (pretty sure Twilight was still releasing). It’s a very good book though. It’s a short read that has a satisfying arc, even though it was cancelled. I highly recommend it as a hidden gem from the early N52 days.


Agreed on both I, Vampire and Green Lanterns. Both are real sleeper hits. And Justice League Odyssey got GREAT once Dan Abnett took over and began steering it away from its original course. The new team of Jessica, Blackfire, Dex-Starr, Orion, and a Zamaron scientist is just so cool.

Some other underappreciated gems? DC’s Digital First collections of completely original stories for Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman: LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT, ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, and SENSATION COMICS FEATURING WONDER WOMAN.


More than 5 overall, but what the heck:

  • The New 52: Blackhawks, Threshold, Sword of Sorcery and The Movement.

  • DC You: Martian Manhunter and Prez.

  • Rebirth: New Super-Man.

  • Digital First: Adventures of Superman and Justice League Beyond.


I want to say Super Sons because I think it was cancelled too soon. I enjoyed this title a lot! The artwork complemented the story!

I am still on the fence regarding the direction DC has recently taken with Jon Kent with regards to aging him.


Red Robin
O.M.A.C. in New 52
The Omega Men
Animal Man

If we’re sticking to overlooked this is my list.

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Madame Xanadu was instantly one of my favorites. Receiving multiple Eisner award nominations. I highly recommend reading this comic available on this site. A great read all the way thru.


Omega Men and Madame Xanadu were definitely amazing. I also enjoyed Doom Patrol, Cave Carson, and Talon.

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Sensation of WW was one of my top reads ever.

Although it’s Vertigo, Sheriff of Babylon by King and Gerards was superb. Batgirl by Gail Simone and Red Daughter of Krypton were also equally fantastic.

I didn’t list any Vertigo. I’d have a much different list.

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Vertigo, Image, and Dark Horse have consistently pushed out dominantly superior comics to the Big Two over the past decade and a half, a lot of which have been completely overlooked (Shutter, Sweet Tooth, Mind MGMT, the aforementioned Sheriff of Babylon, etc). Truly a shame. At least books like Saga, Sex Criminals, and The Umbrella Academy have gotten the recognition they deserve.

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I’m not saying Scott Snyder’s Batman run was bad, not-great, or even particularly overrated.

I’m just saying Scott Snyder’s Swamp Thing run is so much better, and no one talks about this.

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  1. Flintstones by Mark Russell
  2. Gotham Academy
  3. Gotham by Midnight
  4. Wild Storm: Michael Cray
  5. Superman by BMB

If you’re on the fence about any of these books, don’t be. And if you’ve never heard of them? CHECK THEM OUT.

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Honorable mentions from other publishers:

-Defenders by BMB
-Jessica Jones by Kelly Thompson
-Jupiter’s Legacy/Jupiter’s Circle
-Mind MGMT
-The Superior Foes of Spider-Man
-The Ultimates/The Ultimates 2 by Al Ewing
-Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye
-Moon Knight by Warren Ellis
-Karnak by Warren Ellis
-We Can Never Go Home
-4 Kids Walk Into a Bank
-The Black Monday Murders

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Animal Man by Lemire

Dial H by China Mieville

Frankenstein: Agent of Shade by Lemire & Kindt

Bug: The Adventures of Forager by the Allreds

IZombie by Allred and Roberson