We talk about the DCEU and the future of it and just about DC series and movies

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I want them to get the solo films done 1st do a Batman movie, MoS 2, Flash and Cyborg before doing anymore team movies and then have Justice League 2 with Legion of Doom and a Young Justice movie down the line

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I agree. I think they should have given everyone a solo movie before they did a team movie. DC tried to reverse engineer their shared universe to catch up to Marvel and it has not worked.

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They need to take their time before another team up movie:

The Batman


Aqua man

Wonder women 1984

Flash Flashpoint

Green Lantern Corps

Suicide Squad 2

Birds of Prey

Martian Manhunter

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They should consider doing an ensemble film only after they’ve laid a solid foundation for their characters and world. For now, do solo films or small group films. Dont do the big team ups or events. Like, Flashpoint should not be the Flash’s first solo outing. That’s an event film like Captain America: Civil War.

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DC TV did it right instead of rushing in a big crossover we know the characters and justice league we get rushed in a movie without out knowing them


As somebody who enjoys the current DCEU a lot more than the MCU, I think the films are just as valid. They didn’t do things exactly like Marvel, but I had no problem relating to and understanding the characters. BVS is one of my favorite superhero movies ever. Basically, I think people are allowed to enjoy them if they like them. Not everything has to be exactly like Marvel, you know?


The DCEU has been a fantastic film franchise :+1::+1:

I was uner the impression that the DCEU is finished . Aquaman and wonder woman 1984 were in production when WB made that decision and that is the only reason they are finishing them. Is that not the case anymore?

@Dr.Doom, that doesn’t explain SHAZAM, Birds of Prey, nor the list of other films that seem mto be interconnected.

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Again I’m unsure if all those are part of one cinematic universe or if they are stand alone films??? Part of this justice league??? With this I really don’t know . I have heard WB/DC were cancelling the DCEU. And moving in a different direction. So is the joker movie about the Jared letto joker??? I’ve heard a lot of conflicting rumors about the DCEU. Did Ben And Henry quit??? I really don’t know.

Honestly guys I’m not trying to upset anyone and I like the DCEU they have made 3 of my absolute favorite super hero movies. 1 that was ok and 1 that wasent that good but really wasent that bad just disappointing to me.

I feel like for me, in my opinion I love when superhero movies give me that give me the, “I want to be a superhero” feeling and The JL movie didn’t do that for me, don’t get me wrong it was a great movie, that’s just for me how superhero movies should be for everyone.

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@Dr.Doom, Shazam, Birds of Prey, & the Wonder Woman sequel are all still connected to the same universe, as far as we know, so the DCEU is still very much alive.

The only one that’s in production that’s apparently a separate story that has nothing to do with the other movies is the upcoming Joker movie.


Afflecks Batman is one of my favorites and I’m sad to see him leave

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@Dr. Doom, just like in the comics, each title stands on its own, but exists in the same universe via references to events or names of characters in other titles. Shazam, for instance, has Easter eggs that reference back to Superman and Batman. Freddy Freeman holds a bag that contains a bullet that was crushed by Superman (see image attached) and there is a newspaper article that announces superman’s return, which coincides with the events after Justice League. There is also a Batman batarang that once belonged to the Dark Knight that looks like Freddy has collected.

Ok it’s more like the early days of the MCU with smaller references. The news I get is obviously more like rumors than news. You guys are way more knowledgeable about DC matters tan I am. Thanks for the info.

I think they should be introducing lesser known character as in supporting roles and plot devices. Can you imagine if Batman were to team-up with some detective known as Jon Jonzz?! Not the rest of the league, just MM and Bats, Martian reveal in act 3, for example. Or Booster Gold travels back to save Superman from dying only to screw up the timeline. Green Lantern and Green Arrow. Barry and Hal. Lots of potential team-ups, like a super-powered “Lethal Weapon” movie.