dceu shared universe

I’m kind of on the fence about the DCEU’s focus on individual films. Where I like the idea of really diving into these characters’ individual stories, I’m concerned about them completely throwing away what’s been done in the dceu previously. Each highly criticized film had highs and lows, and yes they seemed rushed, but I still enjoyed them for what they were. I see a lot of positive going forward, but still apprehensive about what the future holds for established dceu characters.

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WarnerBrothers is a dumpster fire lmao. If only Zack was still in charge. The shared universe would still be here.


Fans have been waiting for ages to get a superhero movie universe, like we have today, where they all exist in the same world. It’d be totally a waste if the people in charge are abandoning that, especially with so many perfect actors already cast… and for what reason exactly? Because critics didn’t like some of the movies? What the hell? Screw the critics. I’m practically saying “Take me money!” if they’d just make more of these movies in the existing movie universe, building upon the universe we’ve got, instead of disconnected stand-alone movies that don’t build towards anything and more reboots.

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