Dceased Titles

Does anyone have any news of the DCeased series coming to the app?


They’ll join the DCU library a year after release.


Is that always the case, 1 year after release? So I know when to expect everything else haha.

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Yeah. There are some series that aren’t ever going to come to DCU, though. Such as Black Label, Watchmen, and most of the ex-Vertigo series.

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@wgmeets Yes, so long as the comic isn’t under an imprint.

That’s a bit unfortunate considering it’s a paid subscription.

It is a paid subscription, but bear in mind stores and official digital outlets that sell these have to make their money, too. It wouldn’t make much sense to give it away for free on release. We still get them, albeit it a little later but they’re not cut off from us.

Yep, paid indeed. And for that subscription you get a 25,000 comic library with new comics added weekly as they meet the one year point or are older comics newly digitized. Pretty good deal, imo.

Marvel has something similar, but they bring new comics in every 6 months without the additional community or video section. Comixology also has a something like that with a delay as well. Sort of an industry standard to delay availability to allow your LCS to survive.


Well said @DarkKnightinWhiteSatin!

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I hate the fact that this is not on here but the DC comics app. I had to pay for it.

The standard rule for here is newer comics arrive on the app twelve months after their publishing date.