DCAU Green Lantern

Do you consider Green Lantern: The Animated Series to be a part of the DCAU?

No. One: different art style. Two: Hal is shocked at and feels threatened by Guy Gardner’s appointment as his replacement on earth. In the DCAU, it seems Hal Jordan never became a Green Lantern, as they used Kyle Rayner then John Stewart instead, and giving kyle hal’s encounter with abin sur.

Three: DCAU’s star sapphire is evil, but gltas Carol teaches the star sapphires how to not be evil.

Four: in gltas, the manhunters are a big deal and an open threat. In Dcau they are the villains of one episode in which they waltz around in the open the whole time with no one questioning them and them being the villains is treated as a surprise at the end

Basically it wouldn’t make sense.

Edits: Added a fourth point about the manhunters and then corrected myself because I said “Martian Manhunters”.

Ha. Figured as much :wink::+1: