DCAMU Part 3: Yo, What Crazy Stuff

If you have seen any of the movies Batman vs. Robin, Batman: Bad Blood, Justice League vs. Teen Titans, and Justice League Dark, you probably already know how I’ll comment on them, here in my journey through the DCAMU. I must say, these movies have a real feel, a sense of darkness, but also some form of light that seems to shine through that darkness to reveal that all is not lost.

In Batman vs. Robin, I learned about the Court of Owls in more detail. I didn’t really know much about that storyline before. I’m also really impressed with how the story shows Damian going through a real internal struggle about vengeance and justice. It’s a remarkable journey for Damian, and it’s a powerful reminder about how important seeking justice is to the Caped Crusader. The fight choreography in this was one was on fire. Oh, and Talon is another impressive villain.

Batman: Bad Blood has Batwoman, and I must say, I really dig her character. Her storyline takes her into how to relate to the world and also relate to the team of superheroes. It’s a personal struggle while also a struggle for survival against evil. Talia in this film goes way over the top, something I didn’t know she would do before. I felt sadness but also some kind of new beginning.

I absolutely loved Justice League vs. Teen Titans. I think I’m in love with Starfire. It’s funny because I know she is a DLC character in Injustice 2, but I didn’t really know much about her before I saw the film. Her beauty and firepower rank right up there among many other DC heroines, I think. Raven’s story is also quite remarkable. I found myself rooting for Raven every step of the way, and I can see why the Teen Titans are so popular now. Also I loved the outcome of the story because sometimes we all need to rely on other people to help us get where we need to go in this world.

Justice League Dark starring John Constantine had so many areas of interest for me. I must say that the trip down into the demonic and magical realms was a real eye-opener. Throughout the film, Batman showed his amazement by his “Mmmmm” comment almost hilariously at times. I felt out of the four movies listed here, this film was the darkest, and so the title was really appropriate. Magical powers and controlling the mind, fighting evil on different planes of existence, allowing good and evil to do battle within the very isolation of the fear of death - very powerful setup for a “dark” film.

So my conclusion from these four films was “Yo, what crazy stuff.”


this is my favorite animated batman movie

Yeah, I can see why after having watched it for the first time. I must say, Batwoman really stole the show for me in this one. I can see myself learning more about her journey through some comic runs, if I can ever stop reading the Wonder Woman issues that I’m catching up on at the moment. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It is my… 13th at best.

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that’s because it shows you can be captured

Then why is Return of the Joker so high?

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never seen it…

Then why are you not watching it? It is far from my proudest moment.

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because im in school lmfao

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These are all great movies. Justice League vs Teen Titans is one of my favorite dc animated movies and I just watched it again recently. It shows the kids behind the mask a bit more and it has good character growth especially for both Damian and Raven.

Hey, I’m glad I helped take you down into memory lane @SpoilerAlert88 , remembering a movie that you really like.

You are right about the character growth. A lot of these films I’m catching up on have really opened my eyes to the Damian storylines, and each one I’ve seen so far have been impactful. Damian’s ability to wield his sword and challenge even the toughest of foes shows he’s got guts and heart, even though he was struggling to overcome the need/desire for vengeance all the time.

Raven’s fight in the film was very inspirational, and her struggle felt real to me. Like I mentioned, I was rooting for her to be victorious.