DC Usually Announces Its Animated Slate of Movies at SDCC, So What Do You Want?

We’re already getting Batman: Hush any second now, Wonder Woman: Bloodlines is slated for October 2019, and the new DC Showcase shorts will be starting up soon. And of course, there’s the rumored but not-officially announced two-part Batman: The Long Halloween adaptation. which will probably be unveiled at SDCC.

But since WB/DC have a habit of announcing next year’s offerings at San Diego Comic Con (starting this week!), I thought I’d ask the community what their hopes are for their 2020 reveals…

Personally, I’m more than a bit burned out on Batman and the Justice League. I’d love for them to go back to some other great DCU properties.

-Monster Society of Evil, since Shazam! is now out there in the public’s awareness.

-Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War

-A followup to Gods & Monsters

-A Wonder Woman '77 film with Lynda Carter doing the voice

And that’s just off the top of my head.

Your turn!


Anything outside of the house style of their “Animated Movie Universe” projects would be welcome.

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@Hub: Yeah, I love Phil Bourassa and his designs, but I wouldn’t mind it if they mixed it up a bit more often.

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Batman Collector’s Edition C-51 Neal Adams and Denny O’Neil’s Classic Tale with R’as al Ghul.

Green Arrow: The Long Bow Hunters


I wholeheartedly endorse an animated Sinestro Corps movie. That’s honestly very overdue.

For movies based on specific stories, I’d love to see a return to form of the movie character designs mirroring those from the comics, ala The New Frontier and the Superman/Batman movies.

Random choices for animated movies I’d like to see:

  1. Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E.

Yes, this property isn’t well known outside of comic fandom (it’s not well known in fandom by that much either TBH) but what better way to increase awareness of him? Give the Justice League a small cameo and highlight them in the marketing too. Done deal.

  1. The Power of Shazam!

This can either be based on the OGN that launched the ongoing series of the same name or an arc from said series. It could also be a brand new story that happens to utilize the name of Shazam’s most well known ongoing series.

Either way, Jerry Ordway should do the character designs.

  1. Forever Evil.

Like The Sinestro Corps War, I’m surprised this hasn’t been done yet. It’d probably be labeled “Justice League: Forever Evil”, but that’s a-okay as long as the animation matches David Finch’s artwork (it’s still okay if it doesn’t, but it’s preferred if it does).

  1. Lobo Rides Wild.

For frag’s sake, give The Main Man his movie debut already! Have it be rated R, throw in some space dolphins and have Paul Dini write it (he wrote Lobo for STAS, so why not?).

  1. Superman: Sacrifice.

The most noteworthy Superman story from 2005 can provide ample ground for a movie. There isn’t much that would need to be changed from the comics and since the art varied by issue, it doesn’t need to adhere to the source material in that manner.

That said, Ed Benes did the art for the prelude and first parts of Sacrifice, so the movie mirroring his art would be fine by me.

That’s my random Top Five. I’d love to see an animated New Gods movie too, but I’d prefer to see that as a big budget theatrical release. After the live action movie comes out is when that would work best.


I mainly want any new Wonder Woman title. Lines up perfectly with the live action film releasing next year. Honestly, I want animated content that stirs away from Batman and Superman (unless it is something like Nightwing)

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Barbarian, we are in perfect match here. I’m so tired of Batman being done all the time. Wonder Woman has long been ignored, and I can’t wait for the new Wonder Woman animated. I also desperately want a Wonder Woman 77 animated film or series starring Lynda Carter. I also think the bashing of Green Lantern’s assistant for being gay would be a truly powerful story to bring to the screen and proceeds could be donated to the Trevor Project.

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Gotham Central. Pretty much got a short one in the “Gotham Knight” but not true to the comics.

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Woke up today craving a little ‘The Great Darkness Saga.’

I don’t know whether or not the powers-that-be at WB would want to start with that storyline - a Legion of Super-Heroes introductory movie would seem more likely - but I totally want it penciled into their longterm schedule.


Flash Rogues War would be a cool film.

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That Wonder Woman '77 idea sounds awesome.


Batman animated films are inevitable, so I will say Ten Nights of the Beast. With that one out of the way, we can move on to Superman with an adaptation of the Warworld story from the larger Exile arc. Next up, Wonder Woman can take on her Twelve Labors, but maybe for a better reason than the one given in the comics. (The important thing is that she still has to take on a robotic Walt Disney…er, Wade Dazzle.) With our big hitters covered, maybe we can get something really nice, like an updated take on Green Lantern/Green Arrow, a JLI animated adventure, or (dare I say it) an Ambush Bug movie.

Personally, I’d love to see them do a JLI or Legion movie. The Justice League vs. The Fatal Five movie was a decent way to introduce them, so why not push that a little further and give the league their own movie?

And on a related note: I get not being able to do shows that are currently in syndication with Netflix, but why not Smallville or the original Swamp Thing series? Doesn’t WB own the CW? If so then there shouldn’t be a licensing issue, and I don’t think either one are in syndication with any other network. So what’s the hold-up? Then there’s the other animated shows that are missing here: Static Shock, The Zeta Project, and did they ever actually DO anything with that Vixen series they started a few years ago? Also there’s like 5 live-action pilots out there that have been done in just the past few years that other networks have passed on either before or after airing. I get not thinking that they were a good fit for a network that mainly shows non-comic book properties, but why not try them out here? That would also mean that you wouldn’t have to water down the stories (looking at you here, Wonder Woman). If people like them then there’s your next original property.

The Justice League movies didn’t work, and that sucks but I think the biggest reason for that is that DC tried to copy MCU’s format only squeezing it all into a MUCH shorter time frame to play catch-up, while trying to make it all dark and gritty. Don’t do that. People LIKE comic books. That’s why they watch comic book movies. The ones that HAVEN’T done well? Those are usually ones where they’ve tried to “make them more believable.” Look if you want to learn something from the MCU, learn from their mistakes. Because of their screw-ups on licensing now they have to go back and try to shoehorn Spider-Man, the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four into their already existing universe. Meanwhile DC largely DOESN’T have that problem and you’ve got how many decades of source material? Just quit screwing around with hiring people to write new individual scripts, get somebody to handle the overall continuity, and take the scripts directly from the books themselves. Not only would that make the process go MUCH faster, AND not piss off your fans who essentially are just looking for live action/animated versions of comic books, but it also makes people want to read the actual comics as well. shrugs Just a thought…

We have static shock here


A teen titans movie featuring Static and Wonder Girl in it since they teased Wonder Girl at the end of the last Teen Titans movie and I read somewhere that the people who made that movie would love to use Static so basically another movie featuring the Teen Titans in the dc animated movie universe


Captain Marvel Adventures #100, “The Plot Against the Universe”

Dr. Sivana tricks Shazam into giving up his link to the mortal plane. Captain Marvel must find a way to set things right before Shazam fades away forever, all while toiling for Sivana.

Like you I’d love an animated version of LC’s Wonder Woman and SC War.

I’d throw in Green Arrow: The Outsiders War, The Long Halloween, Superman: Red Son, and Superman: For Tomorrow


You might get at least one of those things on your list, @ANerdWonder. There have been rumors flying around about a 2-part adaptation of The Long Halloween since January. Kind of hoping they get confirmed this weekend.


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