DC Universe's STARGIRL Gets a Shiv!

The Stargirl fam is growing!
Two more members have joined the cast.

Check out this article to get the skinny on the latest additions to #TeamStargirl: https://www.dcuniverse.com/news/dc-universes-stargirl-gets-shiv/

(You can also find this article in the DC Universe news section.)


Neat! This is shaping up to be a great show. Seems like it’ll adhere to Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E quite well and then venture into new territory too.

The one issue I had with that article was detailing how Geoff Johns’ sister died. That’s not really any of our business and out of respect for Johns, I think that could be modified to say she passed in 1996 and leave it there. I know nothing bad is meant by detailing how she died but, still. If I was Johns, seeing that would upset me.

Otherwise, hurray for Court and her forthcoming TV adventures =)


@Vroom, given the full circumstances of her death, I doubt Johns will be upset at seeing it mentioned ( if you don’t know the story, google Lockerbie). Personally, I appreciate that DC Universe is probably caught between acknowledging what happened, and not making every fan who might be excited for a show about a teenaged girl see the T word in every article. I’m just looking forward to the show, myself ( and I want Wesley Doses to appear)!

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I have a feeling this Austin Walker guy is playing Wally West.

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Jake Austin Walker has a great voice. I love his music.

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Building up to be a dream come true. Feels like a can’t miss to me for sure. Especially with my love for the JSA.