DC Universe Titles To Watch For Halloween

  1. The Batman Vs. Dracula (Cartoon Network used to air this every October. I’m glad it’s on here for this month.)

  2. Batman Mask Of The Phantasm

  3. Batman Beyond Return Of The Joker

  4. Constantine (Series)

  5. Swamp Thing

  6. The Dark Knight Returns

Justice League Dark (The movie isn’t available on here, but it is on Hulu. It’s an excellent movie to watch during October.)

What Halloween list do you guys have?

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I’ve been saving Swamp Thing for Halloween season! I typically watch Batman '89 for Halloween, but I’ve seen it like four times this year, so I might skip it. Really anything Batman is Halloween appropriate whisper that’s why I like him

Too bad the Constantine movie didn’t stick around through Halloween!

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