DC Universe Shutting Down?

I watched a video on YouTube that swamp thing is getting cancelled and also DC universe is. Just curious if it’s real or not

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Apparently a false rumor, as far as anyone can tell. Doesn’t really add up that they’d be putting up so much content if they were on the brink of getting shut down.

I can’t wait til the show comes out and those youtubers get bashed for making things up, I can just see their fingers on the “delete comments” or “delete video” buttons now :wink:

Doubt that will happen. Most (not all by any means) of the ones who reported it pedal in negativity and by the time the show starts most will have forgotten as they long ago moved onto bitching about the next thing. So they don’t need to and their audience was not build on being objective, it was built on the same negativity over and over. Again, not the case with all of them, but for most by the time the show comes out their audience won’t even remember they posted that.

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Oh, those YouTubers…

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YouTube is shutting down?!


Warner bros cant afford the app is the rumor. Ha what a joke. Dont believe anything you read unless its from the source. This aint going anywhere.

Pfft. I would ignore that baseless rumor. YouTube is rife with negative nancies who glory in trying to legitimize speculation by acting as if it’s fact when it’s not and who also treat commonplace things, as in this case, as something to be alarmed about. A certain set of people on Youtube simply love stirring the pot and watching fans panic because of it. Most of the time they don’t even bother to fact check their sources. They just find a bit of speculation that fits their agenda and run with it.

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Before I go radio silent the next 3 or 4 days from the internet , I do want to offer hope to those of you finally realizing that nothing is forever, that even HBO could stop broadcasting if its corporate overlords decide…, so here, to offer aid and comfort to those of you in existential anguish as you peer down the into the abyss that is being a fragile limited human being, I now present Discord Plan B:

If for some reason the new AT&T overlords decide to replace DCU with the Elmer Fudd Channel ( a very real possibility, don’t kid yourself, more people love Elmer than Robin (we’re not even sure who Robin is these days)), we on the DCU book club Discord Channel have a grim alternative. Yes that’s right, if the DCU Universe has its plug pulled, we will carry on as best we can in that post-apocalyptic DCU-less world, providing free amateur hour versions of everything here!!!

No more free comics? No worries, we have you covered. We have Wrestler902 providing singular stick people art and DCU published playrights Nu52 and Nathan Payson to the rescue!!! Free, did I mention free (but again, only as a Plan B if the apolcalyse occurs). Vroom I believe said he would take full responsibility for the content of all this.

No more animated series? Again, wow, same team for the comics, but we put all this on the upper corners of books no one reads anymore and do flip page animation!!! YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS I PROMISE…well, again, you never will see it if there is no DCU apocalypse…

Full movie length feature films…oh yeah, we’ll green screen ya like you’ve never been green screened before.

Coming to a depressing end of the DCU world in your maybe kinda possible if AT&T loses its corporate mind future.


Lol That’s basically like a nice way of saying:
"If DC Universe ever shuts down, Plan B is for us all to resort to pirating!

We members have engineered a new way to read comics but in order to discover this amazing new thing, DCU must close it’s doors and… you gotta join our Discord."

Strangest sales pitch I’ve ever heard :stuck_out_tongue:

(Yes, yes, I know you were joking around. We all know DCU gonna be here a long time)


So DCU is no gonna shut down and move to HBO Max? I would like to know if this is happening.

Nope. DC Universe will live on as a separate service from HBO Max. We will be sharing custody of TITANS and DOOM PATROL.


Sharing custody of the kids lol

Will dc still add on and create mor orginals

They announced a while back a new written series called Bizarro World, a mix of live-action and animation featuring the stranger characters of DC, and in terms of unscripted shows, I’m sure there will be more DC All-Star Games as well as the winner of the contest.

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That’s been going on a for a while, I doubt it’s true if anything dc universe is just DC’s marvel unlimited. Also, those same youtubers are probably the same people that S,J,W are killing comics

Titans being shared is news to me. I heard about DP, but not Titans. When did this happen?

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Well, I remember hearing about it at one point but can’t find a source now. I might be mistaken.