DC Universe shutdown

Word around the block is that DC Universe is shutting down and swamp thing is getting cancelled is this true?

No it’s fake rumors


Swamp Thing had its season shortened by a couple episodes, and that led to speculation about the health of DCU, but that’s all it is at this point.

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This is not true. But who did you hear this from?

Sounds fishy to me… Need sources if to be taken seriously.

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Not true. Stems from an article that broke the story Swamp Thing was cut back to 10 episodes, which is true. But they then gave a lot of speculation and baseless sources and a bunch of other places parroted what they were saying.

But Swamp Thing despuite the article is still coming out the same time as always, Young Justice second season is set to debut at the same time. Titans Season 2 and Stargirl are both still filming, Doom Patrol is still getting a second season, Harley Quinn’s animated show is still in production, they are still putting comic books up by the thousands, and they just launched on XBox so DCU clearly has not been shut down.

The on;y part this is true is that Swamp Thing went from 13 episodes to 10 episodes which does happen with shows.

Damn fake news and overexaggerating speculations

Check out the Swamp Thing Announcement thread in the watch tower. In it they say “Swamp Thing’s first season will run for 10 episodes, versus the previously announced 13 episodes. This was made for creative reasons, and do not reflect the future of DC Universe.”


And then they also said in the swamp thing post was something along the lines of “dont look at the eps being reduced for how the dcu is doing but our expansions” like how theyre progressing to consoles now

I love how the internet works…


When DCU brings back Green Lantern: The Animated Series for another run and gives it a proper conclusion… then it has my permission to die.

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Jk I’d still want it around.