DC Universe Should make a The Question show!

I think a The Question detective TV show would be a great idea. Would you want it to be live action or animated?


The Question should be a character on the Batwoman tv show so that Rene Montoya can become the character.

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The Question should totally have his own show. It can start with Vic Sage and then eventually turn the mantle over to Renee Montoya.


I want The Question from Justice League Unlimited back, so animated.


I don’t see The Question in the encyclopedia section? Is it because they forgot about him or because there is a bigger conspiracy?


@pvilla80 It’s a larger conspiracy that involves The Backstreet Boys, McDonalds, King Tut and a slice of cheese.

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I’m down for either one. I love the character and don’t see why DC hasn’t done more with him. He fits especially well with today’s New Cold War, conspiracy obsessed internet culture, fake news, and the death of truth.

“Pleeease. I go through everyone’s trash.”

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Denis O’Hare from American Horror story would make an interesting Question. Montoya didn’t get much time as the character, but I personally prefer her as a non-powered maskless character, like Jim Gordon. I wouldn’t be disappointed though if we got her in the role.