DC Universe presents featurettes

I really like these little featurettes. They add some nice little tid bits on the movies. I’ve watched all the ones that dealt with Superman, Superman II and Batman and Batman Returns. I hope DC Universe continues to produce these.

However, wouldn’t it make more sense to put these in front of the actual movies? Or at least post a version of the movie with them in front? It feels a little weird watching it and then the host essentially tosses to the movie., but the featurette ends. Just my opinion.

I haven’t seen the comic versions hosted by Cameron Cuffe.

I would love to see DC Universe produce one of these for some of the classic TV shows like Wonder Woman, The Flash 1990 and hopefully if they get the rights, the 1960’s Batman TV show. I think there’s a lot of cool stories and tid bits that can be researched and told from those shows.