DC Universe Presents: Fan Creation Fridays!

Greetings DC Family, and welcome to FAN CREATION FRIDAY!

Been meaning to get back into writing, but plagued with a nasty case of Writer’s Block? Or just interested in a taking part in what will undoubtedly be good fun with a group of even greater people? Alas, my friends… then Fan Creation Friday is for you! :slight_smile:

What IS Fan Creation Friday?
FCF is a new weekly feature that focuses on encouraging creativity here on the forums through the hosting of weekly activities, resulting in a variety of Fan Creations. These will take different forms, but all will have the same endgame in mind: adding a little creative oil to our squeaky gears (hey, Robotman’s not the only one who could do with a tune-up from time to time!)

Note: This thread is the introductory thread, so FCF feedback, and questions can be provided below. Otherwise, each exercise will have its own thread, all of which will be located in the “Fan Creations” Section of the forum.:slight_smile:

So… When’s the Postin’ Done?
You can look forward to seeing a new thread posted every Friday at 9am PT/12pm ET!

What Types o f “Fan Creations” are we talkin’ about here? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
We’re focusing on writing exercises and prompts designed to get our community’s collective creative flow going (like that alliteration back there, lol). We have a wide array of wonderful people here on the forum, so rest assured, there’s something for everyone! These prompts can be tailored to your DC favs (as you would with Fan Fiction, for instance), OR you can feel free to use your own superheroes, villains, and minor characters.

Exercises include but are not limited to:
:fire: Meeting Under Unusual Circumstances - Put together what you think are the most unlikely and unusual DC pairings - based on their canon personalities, give an example of what a first meeting between these two might be like.

:fire: Show, Don’t Tell - Think about what physical attributes and mannerisms make your character special, and write a scene in which you convey your character’s action (or interactions) using heavy emphasis on said traits.

:fire: Two Sides, Different Faces - Choose a character and either describe them (or create two separate scenes) twice - once as a hero, and once as a villain.

Rules and Restrictions:
Rules such as word count restrictions, etc. will be provided in the threads themselves, and can change from week to week, but permanent restrictions are as follows: All work must abide by our Forum Guidelines (found here: https://yourdcu.com/cmg), with an emphasis on the reminder that posts must not be sexually explicit, nor excessively profane or violent (doesn’t glorify gore, self harm, hate speech/hate groups/hate crimes, etc).

Last, but not least: We look forward to reading a much or as little as you post, so above all, don’t be afraid to share if you’re inclined to (no pressure, everyone! And above all, have fun!). Remember, the first step is always the hardest, but things worth doing aren’t often easy!

Questions, Comments, Ideas for Prompts? Share them with us in the comments below.

In the meantime, don’t forget to tune in next week for the first round of Fan Creation Friday - Same DC Time, Same DC Forum Section! :wink:Looking forward to working with you to cook up something even Negative Man would be proud of!


Can all of my writing in Fan Creations retroactively count? I’ve written some well received stuff, so just curious =)


Do the characters have to be meeting for the first time?

I have a piece LAST NIGHT AT SANCTUARY, which describes Wally West and Roy Harper meeting for the last time prior to the events of Heroes in Crisis

It is currently in Fan Creations… I could revise it.

The premise. here is that both heroes have vague to vivid memories about events that do not seem to be part of current canon, based on past comics and TV ows.

Some memories they share, but other memories are strange to the other.

Both vaguely remember Roy being a clone and a girl named Artemis , from young justice, but Wally find it ridiculous that Roy would have an affair with Shyerea Hawkgirl , while Roy was talking about Kendra Hawk girl, from Brad Meltzer’s Justice League of America.


@Vroom, With each exercise having its own guidelines and prompt, you’d end up having to submit a new piece each time, but you can adjust your other pieces, tailoring them to fit if you’d like, sure! As for what you’ve already posted, they certainly count in providing a lengthy portfolio of superb work at the very least, which might also have its place in the near future :wink:

@TurokSonOfStone1950, by all means, you can tweak that first meeting to your liking, especially if it’s a sort of “first meeting under another name” type situation, as you describe. It’d make for a great idea :slight_smile:

@MissInkBlot I am intrigued by that winky face you sent over to @Vroom. Have you got something interesting cooking up over there?

MissInkBlot is retiring to the study to brood in the sunbeams for a few hours, but I can field this one, @BatmanOfZur-En-Arrh!

We do indeed have something cooking, but it’s still in its raw stage and not quite ready to come out of the oven. Until we’re ready to announce, it’s winky faces on parade! :wink::wink::wink:


Okay, I can smell what you’re cooking. I wants me a taste. Please =)


@Applejack :eyes:

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@Bozea, brudda I always have something cooking up :wink:



I had a thread called

Learn how to write fan fiction

12 weeks ago

Which you called

“A Superb set of resources compiled.”

The reason i mention it is that a lot of our talented but inexperienced writers

Don’t know what ‘Show not Tell’ means

Or even how a space line between paragraphs improves readability tremendously.

Or that dialogue requires a new paragraph when a new person speaks.

My thread includes links to these topics along with info dumps., a sample of my novel, famous fan fiction (to see how its done) and class notes on comic book writing from Denny O Neil, from a class I took with him at NYU, which he had published at the Bleeding Cool site.

Maybe provide a link to this thread, if you wish.


If I’m not mistaken, this must be inspired by the thread last month where we prompted each other to write on mismatched romantic pairings? That was a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to similar exercises in the future.

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Neato keen.

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I feel like I’ve been Unionized.


@Applejack, one hour is all I could bear to be away lol :wink:

@TurokSonOfStone1950, you’re most definitely correct about the great thread you created - thank you so much for mentioning it! :slight_smile: Am going to give it a bump, and link it for others, as I found it incredibly helpful, myself: https://www.dcuniverse.com/community/boards/fancontributions/learn-how-to-write-fan-fic

@HubCityQuestion, it’s definitely a result of all the creativity we’ve seen coming from the community. That said, if anyone has ideas for prompts/exercises, we definitely welcome them. The more, the merrier! :slight_smile:


For a prompt

It was the final night, tomorrow they would either defeat the enemy or die.

Second sentence if needed. Everybody else was gone.

Even More specific.

It was ironic that only we three were left. But Batman had a plan.

The pizza was getting cold. And there were pineapples on it.

Raven (or Batman or Damien).smiled. what in the world has happened?

Wally West said, " No thanks, I’m full.

Diana wondered what dress to wear.

The Question questioned everything he had held on to all these years, after examining the cri.me scene.

@christowhit, your usage of “neato keen” is a real corker!

I mean…gee whiz!



"Holy __________, Batman, this is a real bad situation.

“Yes, chum, this is ___________'s best death trap yet.”

The cowardly criminal was shaking, as I held him above the rooftop, by his feet.

“Who are you?”

“I’m Batman, Punk, Now are you going to tell me everything you know?. My arms are getting tired.”

This sounds exciting! I can’t wait for the first prompt! I assume we can expect it in about a week?

@TurokSonOfStone1950 - thank you for sharing that! I’ve written it down and saved it for the future :slight_smile:

@BatJamags - Yes, indeed, though for the record, by “Same DC Time, Same DC Forum Section,” I meant the Fan Creations Forum (which will be the normal place for it once we’re up and running, though there’s the possibility of next week’s being posted here for visibility until everyone’s used to it). Already have the cauldron bubbling with next week’s idea, so we look forward to seeing people’s contributions :slight_smile: