DC universe please don't let the cw get a hold of this new Constantine series

DC universe could do this series justice don’t let the cw ruin John Constantine anymore then they have a version of John on DC universe could be epic

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I agree but odds are the only reason a John Constantine series is even being talked about is the Arrowverse. So don’t expect DCU to “intercept” it.

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I agree but cw did save it no question but I feel DC universe could do it justice more then network TV

It should of been AMC to began with

CW will ruin it.

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6 years of content and multiple successful tv shows…yeah lol CW sure don’t know what they are doing

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Personally I love him on Legends of Tomorrow (and I’m an old fan of the Delano and Ennis runs).

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The choice is ultimately up to Warner Brothers Television and where they feel the show would reach the largest audience to be as successful as possible. Hence why Constantine originally aired on NBC.

The CW and DC Universe are delivery platforms for content. They do not oversee production of shows themselves. Their job is to run their platforms successfully and exhibit WBT’s content.

The same Warner Brothers Television that produced Constantine for NBC is the same company that oversees the CW shows and calls the shots on original DC Universe content. Same company, different platforms of content delivery.