DC Universe Online - Anyone Still Play?

Does anyone still play? Favorite moments? Most hated moments?

I personally hated the Black Adam/Isis mission, but have enjoyed the Teen Titans missions.


I couldnt even play more than 3 hours of that game and I was so hyped about it. The movement was so clunky and it was to open. I need more focused missions in my games. A solo Flash game or solo GL game would be wicked

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I still play, just made a Nightwing character based on white knight Dick Grayson


I play all the time. My main actually

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I meant it’s my main game that I play. Love everything but that Faust/Black Adam & Isis chapter does suck!

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I made a generic Robin character, contemplating starting up a villian character soon.

I have a couple of original characters, although one of them is a green lantern

What do you normally play on? I play on Xbox One.


It’s still a fantastic game, seven and a half years later. Atlantis is going to be awesome!

I didn’t know that there was going to be a Atlantis part. I need to start keeping up with the news

My characters…

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