DC Universe not completing some amazing story arcs

First of all let me be clear, I LOVE this streaming service. I am blown away when it comes to streaming movies and TV shows.

AS for the comics, love and impressed how many different comics I have read in the past month that I never thought I would read. My ONLY complain is that DC Universe doesn’t complete some very popular story arcs such as Flash and GL Rebirth, Flashpoint, Superman Red Son, etc.

I believe if they want to upload popular story arcs like that, they should include ALL of the comics in that arc, not just the first issue.


I agree, we should have entire story arcs, especially considering Comixology offers entire runs of popular marvel titles from time to time.

I’m sure the full runs and arcs are coming. By the time they get the wheels rolling and get all the kinks taken care of we will see even more goodness.