DC Universe HBO Max bundle

Hope this is in the right section, I’ve looked and found two different threads about this, but they don’t quite answer my questions.

1: If you are a yearly subscriber, does applying for the HBO bundle apply the 5/mo at a monthly fee, or just tacked on to your yearly fee of the DCU annual fee? (I’m an annual subscriber, and pretty sure my payment got taken out last month)

2: Hey Doc, whassup with all the rumors of cancellation for DCU? again, I’m an annual subscriber, so I should be good for another year of Goode comics, right??? Obviously with the SNYDER cut releasing in 2021, the bump for DCU fee would be reflected by the HBO max 6 month trial right?

3: Is this bundle really worth it? I came for the comics primarily, but was also hot to trot for the original Live Action productions, which have been honestly, hit or miss so far. I know Watchmen is on HBOmax as well as plenty of other good shows, but really for real, does this sound really great, or just getting catfished?


I wish I could answer, but I’m more or less in the same position you are.