DC Universe Grill and Cafe!

Below are some menu options if this ever came to reality:

Note: some of these are actual recipes from their respective shows, and others are made up

The Zoom: Three shots of espresso and a touch of cayenne

The Flash​:zap:: Brewed Coffee with one shot of espresso

The XS-Presso: Vanilla frappuccino with blue raspberry syrup

The Vibe: Iced Mocha, two shots of carbonated water, drop in a Mentos before serving

The Olicity: Green Coffee extract, 17 spoons of sugar, served in a spinning cup

The Multiverse Burger:
Ground beef patty on a bun with Moon cheese, LTO (optional), fried onion rings seasoned by garlic and pepper, and Flashpoint Sauce (Cajun ranch)

Thunder & Lightning: Roasted sweet potato and okra salad with fried green tomatoes, Flashpoint Sauce on the side (Cajun Ranch)

Gorilla Grodd Smoothie: Strawberry & Banana with banana toppings, chia seeds, and Brazilian nuts

The Killer Frost: Vanilla frappuccino with blue raspberry syrup and Dark Chocolate Chips

If you guys have any additional ideas for potentially tasty menu items, comment below!!



Sorry! THE killer frost recipe is almost the same as XS-Presso… Can’t edit this or delete this post -___-


More tea drinks please

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This is amazing! I’d add a thin crust pesto pizza with vegan cheese to the Lunch category cause… pizza.


I’ll take a Zoom (because of the rhymage), please and thanks.

Do you gave baked goods? I could go for a biscotti or a donut.

Thats actually dope. Would go to if it were real. Love the names too, like flashpoint sauce

Yeah lol, the Flashpoint sauce can be added 'cause it “changes” a bit of the flavor (just like changing the timeline lol)

I would love to create a food business that’s DC inspired. The logistics behind it, I can imagine, would be insane. How would one acquire copyright permission for this?

Here is a link for a DC Universe Cafe located in Singapore


I love this :o The Multiverse Burger sounds positively delicious :slight_smile: And that DC Cafe has me wanting to set up a trip lol I hope you do get into the food business, @Maddox, because you certainly have a flair for ideas!


Wow sounds good, ugh I would love to one day go to the Dc cafe.

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@missinkblot I would love to create something like this in the states! The Super-hero Cafe in Singapore is REALLY NICE based on the photos I saw. I would do a Pamela Isly Tea with special ingredients! Not sure about the recipe though :smiley:

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So would your cafe also have the Dial “H” for Hoagie or the Spectre Platter from the Planet Krypton Restaurant in Kingdom Come? What about Jokerized Fries from Bat Burger? Love this thread!


OMG that is awesome :scream::scream:

Great idea!! And then have the red telephone from the Adam West Batman series

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OMGOMGOMG!! You could do the Joker Fries with green/purple ketchup and change the ketchup packs to have the Jokers face on it


Maybe the cafe could be two stories, and you can get down from the second floor to the first through the use of poles like in the 60’s show? That ketchup packet idea is great.


Yessss-- I found this image of the batman burger


Sounds amazing!

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I’m legit going to create this on Minecraft.

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Also, maybe there should be like Savitar Splits, like a banana split but with blue caramel or another decoration on it as a desert!