DC Universe “Gotham” Release Notes: July, 2019

DC Universe version 2.XYZ is codenamed “GOTHAM,” home to Joker, Harley Quinn, and seemingly endless corruption. As Superman notes, “it’s like someone built a nightmare out of metal and stone.” The GCPD does their best in Gotham Central, as do our developers!

This release we focused on Offline Video and UI cleanup on iOS, 4K SDR support on Roku, and SDCC QR Code support on Web. Plenty of Bugs were squashed.

:sparkles:New Features​:sparkles:
**Offline Download Video Quality Selector: users can select the quality of Video Downloads (SD or HD)
**4K SDR support
**SDCC QR Code on MyDC Profile
**SDCC QR Reader + Admin for SDCC Booth

:construction_worker_man:t4:Updates and Fixes :construction_worker_man:t4:

:apple: :iphone:iOS​:iphone: :apple:
-Optimized UI on Home Hub (correct spacing, cleaner thumbnails etc)
-New parallax effect w/ updated background images on hubs
-New Community Hub banner
-Transparent nav & header

:bug: Bug Fixes :bug:
-Masthead shrinks after playing a video
-Deeplink crash
-General app freezing
-Play buttons on MyDC downloads not working
-Back button disappears on hubs
-User can’t click out from News article
-Offline downloads resume after connection interruption
-New masthead layout is buggy for content with long titles
-Offline download doesn’t download thumbnail image
-Incorrect season number displaying on hero carousel
-Segment: fix events for AYCE Browse, fix events for Comic Hub redesign, title clicked event not firing on Dive Back In

:space_invader: :iphone:Android​:iphone: :space_invader:
-New Mastheads on Comic Series Detail screen

:bug: Bug Fixes :bug:
-Subtitles and captions will now appear when the CC button is clicked on the player.
-Segment: New Series Masthead - CTA Clicked Event, Dive Back In - Tile Clicked Event

:fire::tv:FireTV​:tv: :fire::space_invader::tv:ATV​:tv: :space_invader: :video_game:Xbox :video_game:
-Backend prep for additional designs and roll-out
-Improved tracking for personalized recommendations

:bug: Bug Fixes :bug:
All: Subtitle/Captions not appearing when CC button clicked on player (sometimes unable to click CC button)
All: Incorrect thumbnail in Dive Back In row
All: Locked Original Episodes showing Trailer icon when no Trailer is available
-No Up Next/Keep Reading display
-Lost focus after signing in
-Missing Favorite and Like buttons
-Anonymous CTA displays after logging in as premium

TL;DR - Gotham sidewalks are a little cleaner.


I thought this post was gonna be announcing that the show Gotham would be here this month :joy:


Unsung heroes, all of you!

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to this service!


Keep up the amazing work!

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