DC Universe Community and Its Therapeutic Affects!

A simple topic that is relevant to me now, and I would like to hear others stories as well…
Through both the time of quarantine and recent health issues in my family I have been able to turn to the DC Universe for a cathartic and healthy escape from the hardships of everyday life. Keeping up with friends I have made, interaction in topics and chats about my most favorite of characters and stories, this has all helped me make it through to the point where I can write this post in gratitude!

Is there anything you would like to share about how the DCU Community has been there for you, in one way or another, in times of distress?

The internet is filled with such negativity and the News is a scary thing to watch at times. It is nice to have a safe and reliable place to interact with “My People”!


I would say it’s start with the Moderators that try their best to keep this a fun and safe board to visit.
When visiting other board, it’s sad when people leave a hurtful comments, and as I said this is where the Moderators come in, making sure the haters or hurtful comments stay off of this board.
I’ve said this before, when visiting this board is like visiting Disneyland, with adding Animal Crossing to it. It’s no wonder why I keep coming back.:slightly_smiling_face:


I think what you have here is a great combination of moderators and members, all of whom want this to be a drama free zone. I’ve never had anything bad happen here, negative comments or anything like that. It really is an escape from the real world especially with the election going on. Members have been helpful and are friendly. Invites for WALs, clubs and everything DC. This is my favorite site to visit.