DC Universe All-Star Games S1, E3 Reaction Thread - 🚨 WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD 🚨

The thing stumping me about Carl is his low strength score (IIRC it was a 1.) Some people in this thread have pointed to different Robins, but I think any of them would likely have a 2 in strength. I cant think of any heroes who are suprt smart computer whizzes with a low strength (maybe Brainiac 5? Im not very familiar with the Legion). I could maybe see a young Lex having those stats though.

Of course the stats might just reflect a secret identity. Maybe Tim Drake or someone could be so undercover that they wouldnt show off their physical prowess. Or, if all the PCs are stuck in some kind of virtual reality or hallucination (as some of the DC Daily hosts guessed), then their initial stats wouldnt be totally representative of their real abilities anyway.

Yeah I believe their initial stats are for that specific character i.e. Tommy, Dinah, Carl or Katie & once they find out who they really are their stats either change or don’t matter because Dinah’s strength doesn’t really blow Carl’s outta the water it’s only a 2 & she caught a steel beam with her bare hands, which that thing probably weighed 100’s if not 1,000’s of lbs… so Carl having a strength of 1 doesn’t really bother me on making a guess, Tommy’s strength is only a 3, so I’m guessing the character stats only apply to their secret identity covers… like Clark Kent & Superman, when he’s Clark he acts like a total cults & very uncoordinated, always portrayed as an ordinary news paper reporter, but as Supes? Well, we all know differently then don’t we… lol


It kind of does, since the players need to be able to properly role play. Not knowing what their characters knows fundamentally goes against the idea of fully embodying their characters.

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This just keeps getting better and better!!! I love the back and forth between the playing the game and the videos to give us a better visual of where they are and whats going on. Just Fantastic! I’m loving where this is going, who these players really are, and what will happen with the last 2 episodes! Fantastic!!!

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If the idea of the game was to force the players to remain “in character” until reveals happen, or they’re actively trying to hide identities from each other for some reason (they don’t know the others are on the same mission) , it’s actually easier to not reveal that stuff before hand.
The GM can just say, as the reveals happen, “You knew who he was, you just couldn’t break cover” or some such.

Finally saw episode 3 and it was great.
The mystery continues and the Floyd scene was fun.

Vanessa has to be a wonder woman or some form of wonder person. But I think
she is probably Wonder Woman.

Claire is still Catwoman. Especially being interested around those diamonds.

Xavier I’m not really sure. But the Gordon theories seem interesting but what if he was Batman. Maybe this is some alternative universe we’re they are younger or they undercover as teenagers 21 jumpstreeting it. Who knows. Just have to wait and find out.

Freddie I’m not sure. Maybe Supes maybe the villain behind it as I’ve scene. Who knows maybe he’s just a kid who got mixed up in this.

The mud has to be Clayface shape shifting aNd the principle may be the Riddler. And with jokers escape maybe Arkham’s villains planing a heist that must be stopped by our heroes.