DC Universe All-Star Games S1, E3 Reaction Thread - 🚨 WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD 🚨

This show just keeps getting better! We had another character revealed to their player, learned some extremely helpful clues, and, possibly, helped stop a jewel heist? Honestly, the real question is this - whose High School experience was like this?

If you haven’t watched episode 3 yet, make sure you do then come back here and let us know what you thought!


Another sweet episode still trying to figure out who some of them are. Looking forward to seeing the last 2 episodes. Still enjoying all the 80’s references.


Since I hadn’t said it before, but will say it now, “Alfred” is just the best ha ha ha. The mystery also thickens! Seeing as how Vanessa’s character has been revealed to be strong enough to hold up a steel… Hmmm. Steel beam. Could she possibly be the girl of steel? This does make me wonder… Hmmm… Wonder Girl? Both are be pretty popular choices I’d guess. The guard also showing up with mud on his boots and just letting them into the museum also is a coincidence… I think not! Based on last weeks guesses that the janitor is Martian Manhunter it makes me think he is following them to see what happens. If it also happens that Clare’s character is Catwoman then maybe she had it all set up so that she could steal the diamonds. It’s just too much fun guessing ha ha ha. :batman_hv_4:

Thank you also for this show during this strange time where we can all have some fun playing along to get away from it for a little while. :sunglasses:


I now think Freddie Prince, Jr. character is really the mastermind behind the whole thing. He keeps getting in the way and he hasn’t been pulled aside, yet.

It’s all an act!


So I think Vanessa is totally Wonder Girl/Woman or Supergirl. I thought she was Poison Ivy, due to her popularity, until Sam said she held it up.
Xavier is totally Gordon.
Claire is definitely Catwoman.
But Freddie, I’m still stuck on. Could be Brainiac 5. I’m leaning more towards Ray Palmer or Ryan Choi.

Idk, I was thinking Tommy might be Kid Flash, due to his eagerness to speed a couple of times throughout the episode…

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So it appears that Sam Witwer is from Chicago, given the reference to Vienna Beef.

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Oh, and I was sure (until this ep) that “Dinah” was Black Canary, based her name. Now, based on the name choice thing, she may be Wonder Woman or Troia, as their names are CLOSE to Dinah/Deena, buy she could also be anyone else.

So…Xavier Woods is definitely The Flash (or Kid Flash), right? He keeps running everywhere and his civilian identity is friends with cops (which makes sense for CSI Barry Allen).

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I am at a loss on who most of them are. Katie seems like she would have to be Catwoman. And the guard letting her in easily… maybe she is behind it or something? I mean while they don’t have to if this is being kept within the continuity of what was going on in 1984 (or close to that) Catwoman was a villain then, her anti-hero days were still a way off.

I was thinking Dinah might have been Batgirl, but obviously not given the lifting the steel. The only two I can think of are Wonder Girl or Supergirl. I mean, yeah plenty of other super heroines or villains with super strength, but given her reaction when it was revealed to her who she was I assume she is not a C list hero.

Hadn’t tought of Tommy being Kid Flash. I could see that one. The only thing is if he was then he would recognize Wonder Girl, which would seemingly rule out Dinah being her since they are not supposed to know other peoples secrets. I know some said Wonder Woman, but if they are passing has high school students, apparently long enough to lead gangs and become the most popular girl in school with an ex boyfriend and a boyfriend, then they would have to be teens or at least in their early 20’s barring shape shifting or the like.

Someone suggested Tommy is Gordon. His clearly revealing to the cop who he was and getting to go would imply he was a cop. But Gordon wouldn’t pass for a high school student unless this was pre-Batman yet the Joker somehow is still in Arkham… OMG… this is set in the Joker Movie universe… mystery solved. (Ok not really).

As for the episode overall. It was a lot of fun, Sam interacting with the cast as the Wasteoids was a lot of fun, and the episode overall was as well.

Only problem is once again it is clear there was a lot of editing to cover the short run time. They keep talking about a Jewelry Heist but I have re-watched episode 2 multiple times and it never mentioned one until out of nowhere they just knew unless I totally missed something. Either Sam slipped up and had the Wasteoid mention it forgetting he didn’t establish that and everyone else just went with it, or they edited something out.

The scene with Dina and her ex boyfriend also felt heavily edited. I mean he saw her life the beam and then… none of our business? I mean maybe it will pay off later when he shows up to help or something. But it sure did feel like they cut a lot from that exchange out. If we get another season they either need to make the episodes longer or have more episodes. I really feel like we are missing a lot.

But that complaint aside this was another fun episode. I really am enjoying the ride just a shame it is almost over. Although Harley Quinn Season 2 and Stargirl will help numb the pain.


I agree it seems theyre editing things out that would make for smoother viewing if they left it in. People watch “actual play” live streams where nothing is edited out, so I think the show would still do well with minimal editing.

I thought they did mention something at the end of episode 2 about how “girls best friend” could be a diamond reference, though. But maybe Im just remembering the episode 3 preview. Either way, it seemed like there was some discussion cut out.


Think carl lex more than ever considering they said he hasnt been to gotham much

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I don’t know about Tommy being kid flash or flash, could be, I get all the speeding references, but could Tommy be the dark knight himself? In the previews for episode 4 he asked if he was at a place with a window yet Clearly stating he needed access outside of the building, The flash or kid flash wouldn’t need a window they could case the entire museum in seconds, but maybe as Batman Tommy needed the window to fire his grapple gun or line launcher to the other room to gain access by swinging across & crashing through the window to surprise the bad guys? Also Sam states that they looked up & Tommy was gone… total Batman thing to do, just vanish like he always does on Gordon lol… also the speeding car, like driving the bat mobile & Sam said his car was spray painted black soooo? I could be wrong, just throwing other ideas out there…

Dinah I could see as being Wonder Woman or wonder girl or even super girl though I think I’m leaning more towards one of the Wonder family members, also it says they find out that they are really the worlds greatest superhero team, so are they saying catwoman is now a hero & not a villain or anti-hero? Cause if Katie isn’t Catwoman I have no clue who else she could be…

Also no ideas yet on who Carl really is, maybe some thoughts but nothing concrete as we have no hints outside of his computer skills & intelligence, that could literally be anyone, but again would they team up 2 villains with 2 hero’s or vice versa? I mean if Carl was lex luthor, he’s not a hero, so I’m kinda confused as to how this will all play out but also excited to see it play out! I love the show & Sam really brings the cast together as the GM & does a great job at bringing this story to life! Can’t wait for episode 4!

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I have to say: Sam is actually a really good GM. I’d gladly play in a game of his. He rolls with player actions extremely well so far, though we’ll see once more obvious abilities start being displayed.

As to the players, well, I thought I had some of it figured out, but the steel beam bit tossed most of that out the window. I know we’re dealing with Clayface, at this point. The muddy shoes from nowhere is just too much of a clue, and Hagen is a skilled enough actor to be all the people they’ve encountered with mud.

I’m now at a loss for the identities of the others, but the theory that these kids are the Titans undercover is seeming more and more likely. Tommy’s inclination towards speed now that Xavier has seen his character is a clue, Dina’s catching the steel beam adds to that. I can easily see the “brain” being Robin in disguise, though this does leave me with no clue who Katie is. There’s no way Raven or Starfire could pull off that level of disguise, and as this is an 80s setting, we’re severely limited in the available female Teen Titans.

And just because the characters know each other’s secrets doesn’t mean the players have to. It adds to the fun of the reveal, and the in-game role play wouldn’t constantly be referencing each other by real name in order to remain in character. Tommy would be Tommy, leader of the Wasteoids, not Wally, leader of the Flash Fan Club, because that’s what the mission demands.



While yeah, Wally could case the entire museum in seconds, I can easily see how he might need a window to see what’s going on in another room. He might need to run directly to that room, using superspeed to clear vertical walls, and then vibrate through the wall itself. But in order to know exactly where to go in an emergency situation, he’d need to be able to see the room.

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Honestly Tommy has got to be either Bart, Thad (Bart’s clone) or someone related to the batfamily given his connection to the cops and his potentiate for running on ahead. Maybe possibly even Wally

My theory is Carl is the Riddler, nervous energy, super smart, good at computers and figuring things out, but maybe akso Tim Drake. I think Tommy is Jason Todd, or at least someone in the Batfamily, and Katie has to be Catwoman, there’s no way she could be anyone else. Dinah could b Donna? Maybe even Kara (Supergirl) though I’m leaning more towards Donna (Wonder Girl in the original run of the Teen Titans comics)

She could be Donna (Wonder Girl for a time in the comics)

You could be correct on that point, but couldn’t Wally, Barry or Bart just run around the corner or vibrate through a wall & into the room, moving that fast or even in “flash time” or “speed time” everyone in that room would seem almost frozen in place, plenty of time for Any of them to formulate a plan of action or strategy to take them all down… But I do think that Tommy could still be a flash family member or a bat family member since they make the most since with connections to police, speeding & the fact that Xavier tells Sam he doesn’t want to walk across the ledge to get to the other room, so my guess would be either running aka flash style or using some kind of gadget to swing over aka bat style…

But Katie def has to be catwoman right? She keeps saying bullwhip & not lasso, unless that is to purposely throw everyone else off? But catwoman isn’t a hero in the since of how Batman, flash or wonder woman would be considered, She’s an anti-hero at best but mostly only to Batman, otherwise she’s a villain, so are they teaming up hero’s & villains or anti-hero’s?

Wouldn’t surprise me if she was Huntress tbh, who also wields a bullwhip from time to time in her comics, though the kleptomaniac thing doesn’t make sense for her, and only really lines up with her mom (Catwoman).

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