Iiiiiiiiiiiiit’s QUIZ TIME!

Welcome to DC Trivia: Answer The Question! Every single day, I will post FIVE trivia questions in this thread about all things DC! Whoever answers any of the listed questions first gets the points. Go for individual questions, multiple, or all five! The time of posting may vary, so you’ll have to keep on your toes. Every new daily post will include a scoreboard at the bottom to let you know who’s leading the game. Good luck!

  1. Which antihero of Earth-3 orchestrated the events of the “Trinity” maxiseries?

  2. Which two characters have gone by the codename “Damage”?

  3. In the Golden Age Doctor Fate comics, which part of Fate’s body was the most vulnerable?

  4. What was the original title of John Constantine’s solo comic before a copyright claim forced them to change it?

  5. Who was the first superhero outside of the Bat-Family to appear in Batman: The Animated Series?

I assume we’re not allowed to consult the wiki or other outside sources?

1: Never read that one, but considering there are only so many Earth-3 antiheroes out there, I’m going to say Alexander Luthor.

2: I’ve got nothing on that.

3: The head seems likely, except his most prominent article of clothing is a helmet, so I’m going to say his heart instead.

4: Do you mean before it was Hellblazer? If so, I don’t know that either.

5: I’ve got it narrowed down to two possibilities (I think), but I don’t know which episode was first without checking. I’m going to take a 50/50 chance (Two-Face would be proud) and say Zatanna.

  1. The Gray Ghost.

To me Jonah Hex and Zatanna aren’t super heroes, so I’d go with Mr. Trent.

We’ll have to rely on the honor system here, but I’d prefer it if you did not consult outside sources.

BatJamags is correct - ZATANNA is the answer I was looking for! All sticklers will be disregarded.

#4 is Hellraiser, but the horror movie franchise made them change the name.

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Jay_Kay is correct!

1 Ultraman?

Sorry, not Ultraman!

  1. I believe this was The Outsider, the Alfred from Earth-3

  2. Damage and Damage, of course!
    -Damage #1 was a 90’s character. As I recall, he at first thought he was the son/grandson of The Golden Age Atom, but it ended up being Iron Munroe. I think his first name was Grant? Ended up in the JSA for awhile.
    -The New Damage is from the DC New Age of Heroes. Can’t remember his name without Google.

  3. This one has me stumped … but if I had to guess, I’d say his mouth/jaw since the Golden Age version of Fate only wore a half-helmet.

  4. &5. Already answered

Another fun activity from HubCityQuestion! Thank you for all you do! :slight_smile:

Thanks Chris — but all guesses are incorrect!

Oh, let me try something for #1: what about The Jester, Earth 3’s Joker analogue?

Wrong again!


Here are the correct answers to the unanswered questions:

  1. The events of Kurt Busiek’s Trinity maxiseries were largely orchestrated by… Enigma, the Riddler of Earth-3!

  2. The two characters to go by “Damage” are Grant Emerson, son of the Golden Age Atom, Al Pratt, and Ethan Avery, star of the New Age of DC Heroes “Damage” series!

  3. The most vulnerable part of Doctor Fate in Golden Age stories are… his lungs! The best way to entrap old Kent Nelson is by drowning, gassing, or otherwise suffocating him. He may be virtually invulnerable, but he still has to breathe.

A new batch of trivia coming up soon!

  1. Which animated film marked the cinematic debut of Kate Kane?
  2. In his first comic book appearance, what was Two-Face’s civilian name?
  3. Which voice actress plays Raven in Teen Titans GO!?
  4. In Young Justice: Outsiders, who cameos as the towel boy for Vic Stone’s football team?
  5. In Superman: The Animated Series, who killed Abin Sur?

BatJamags — 1
Jay_Kay — 1

I think I know all of those, but I’ll be a good sport and just answer #2: Harvey Kent.

Stupid fuzzy memories. At least I got close on some of them. Maybe I’ll do better with the second round. (Must … fight … urge to Google)

  1. Bad Blood is the only movie to come to mind.
  2. Harvey Kent, as I recall.
  3. Tara Strong, I think
  4. Cisco Ramon, who will hopefully become Vibe in YJ eventually
  5. Hmm, been awhile since I’ve seen this. Sinestro was the villain of the episode, so he’s my guess.

Gosh darnit, I just realized I read ‘Trinity’ as ‘Trinity War’ in the original set of questions. No wonder I was wrong…

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BatJamags gets #2, and Chris gets 3-5! #1 is still up for grabs.